Should Gerry Benson’s CAG Change Its Name to Some of the Community Non Action Group by Jamie Gilcig

Sandy Cameron & Gerry Benson
Sandy Cameron & Gerry Benson

CORNWALL Ontario – Gerry Benson and his friends on the Community Action Group are funny cats.    I’ve been a member for two years now and receive no information from them nor does this group do much except send the odd email.   While they make a valid point they fail to mention that while the tax rate is going up mildly the MPAC rates are shooting up driving up over all costs to taxpayers including themselves.

Surely this group, if it really wished to could have an impact yet it’s as toothless as some of the grey beards running it.    The passive aggressive shot at Mayor Kilger by supporting the councillors below is limp at best.

Surely if these people were serious about cutting taxes in Cornwall they would speak out against the abuse of monies this term by Mayor Kilger much of it rubber stamped by some of those four gentlemen endorsed below.

Could Mayor Kilger spends millions of tax dollars covering up the Fitzpatrick scandal without their votes of silence and accountability?   As for Mr. Benson, can Gerry seriously hold Mayor Kilger accountable on taxes when he himself asked the city for $65K for a first study on his vanity university legacy project?

Likewise for this group to not communicate with the only media outlet that clearly and unforgivably supports a freeze and cutting of taxation to Cornwall residents as the only true path for growth and prosperity to all shows that perhaps it’s time to change its name to “Some of the Community Non Action Group”

If these fine people truly want to address taxes then they have to confront those responsible in a manner that is clearly heard; that either they bring it to the table or they are voted out of office.  It’s that simple.

Based on the contents of the letter below it clearly shows that City Management and Mayor Kilger are not listening and based on the non action of this group over the last year do you blame them for not listening to them?  I mean what’s the penalty if they’ll still vote and support him?

This group says the future is in our hands; but shouldn’t it really be in all of our hands working together instead of a few fat cats trying to pull strings in the dark?

What do you think Cornwall?  You can post your comments below.


February 14, 2014 To City Council

Gerry Benson Sandy Cameron Dr. Michael Dubuc David Enns

Louise Lanctot Bryan Merkley Roy Perkins Julie McIntosh

How can this happen…….

As we get closer to finalizing the 2014 City Budget it is quite evident that the “will to change” the way the City does business is not an option on the table. Even with a significant increase in revenue from new assessment and new development Council will still ask the City Ratepayers to reach into their pockets once again this year.

But perhaps on an even more important fact is City Council at its meeting in September directed administration to prepare two budget documents, one with a 2% increase and one with a 0% increase. In the end City Council only received a 1.76% tax increase document. Our question on behalf of our members and all ratepayers in the City of Cornwall is ….How can this happen?

As we understand it Council sets policy and direction, Administration is responsible to prepare the reports and documents that Council has asked for. In this case this did not happen, once again how can this happen.

We fully support Councilors, Carr, Grant, Murphy and Rivette in getting answers to this issue.

Our platform continues to be……
Based on increase revenue from the tax base …0% is

The best option for our long term needs


Community Action Group of Cornwall…Groupe-Action Communautaire de Cornwall Sandy Cameron Gerry Benson
Roy Perkins Dave Enns
Bryan Merkley

The future is in our Hands… L’avenir est entre nos mains… 

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  1. “What’s in a name that smells so sweet by any other name Romeo Romeo” William Shakespears Romeo and Juliet. Yes by any other name means nothing when everything is owned and controlled by these shisters. No thanks. Cornwall has to have a complete change of faces and to bury these old fossels like Benson, Kanebs, Kilgers and all the rest of them that belong to the same clique/club. We don’t need them at all and want to get rid of what is keeping Cornwall behind and in the hole.

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