Del Jones to Take Run for Provincial Liberal Nom in SD&SG Ontario – Feb 16, 2014


CFN – Del Jones announced today that he intends to seek the provincial Liberal nomination for Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry.

“This is a critical time in the history of our province and I believe that I can make a difference”, he said. “I have the experience, skills and ability to get things done that will ensure my success as a representative of SDSG. And most importantly, I am driven to do what’s right, and what’s fair.”

Mr. Jones has a broad range of experience. He is a professional accountant with over twenty years of management experience with some of Canada’s most successful corporations. He is now in his ninth year of a second career as a secondary school teacher with the Upper Canada District School Board. He has also served a four year term as a South Dundas municipal councilor and performed the duties of Treasurer for the Winchester District Memorial Hospital.

“I am a quick study”, said Mr. Jones. “Whether it is understanding the intricacies of the dairy industry, or municipal taxation, I can grasp the issues and drill down to find common sense solutions to difficult problems”, he said. “I think I have been preparing for this challenge all of my life. I want to find creative solutions to the serious problems we face and ensure Ontario fully recovers from the devastation brought on by the 2008 financial crisis. And, I will work tirelessly to return high-paying jobs to Cornwall and SDSG.”

Del has been married to his wife Karen for 32 years. They have a daughter, Michelle, a registered nurse who is currently completing a Masters of Health Science (Bioethics) at the University of Toronto. Their son, David, is also studying at the University of Toronto pursuing a Masters of Divinity.

Mr. Jones may not be alone in seeking the nomination as riding association board members John Earle (Mr Alyssa Blais) and Michelle Allinote are also mentioned to be mulling or jumping into the race.

When asked about the other candidates Mr. Jones replied:

I think it is great to have contest. Much better than being uncontested. We are all striving for the same goals.

If Mr. Jones is successful he’d face off against incumbent PC MPP Jim McDonell and forever dipper hopeful Elaine MacDonald whose scandals within her own council in Cornwall have not deterred her from seeking higher office.

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  1. Out of the names mentioned I would prefer Mr. Del Jones and I wish him all the luck and it will take plenty. It is very hard work and one doesn’t know that until they get into the job itself. We need big change and that is mighty true from the municipal level all the way to the provincial and the federal. We cannot expect a miracle but we can expect much better.

  2. Jules big change may require a whole new party, not just a couple of new faces. This Ontario liberal party needs a time out to remember how many people it takes to pay for their (mis)management system.

  3. Eric you are right about the party and both the Liberals/Fiberals and the Cons are outdated and the best way is to vote for the person and not the party. All parties are owned and controlled and both have grave things wrong with them just like the parties in the US. All the parties have put we Canadians into a state of bankruptcy and whoever gets in as PM of Ontario or as MPP will find that out very soon. It would take a miracle for jobs to go the way they used to be and it won’t happen that way at all. I am being realistic and the only way is for more people to become entrepreneurs.

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