Will Trillium Distribution Pour Concrete in Cornwall at 11AM Wednesday Morning in Spite of City Stop Order?

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S Alexander CouncilCORNWALL Ontario –  The City of Cornwall has responded to construction starting again on the old Kaneb city stop workOil Tank property by Trillium Distribution Cornwall Inc. today as well as that company’s appeal of its bylaw designed to stop construction on the waterfront.

CFN has learned that concrete was scheduled to start pouring on the site at 11 AM Thursday morning.

The City has posted a stop work order, but the question is it all smoke as no legal entity has publicly stated if the municipality or even Province has jurisdiction of Crown land.

Here is the city’s release:

The City of Cornwall has issued orders to comply and stop work orders today at the storage tanks site in the harbour area to prevent further work from proceeding and to have the owner and contractor comply with the Interim Control Bylaw passed by City Council on December 9th, 2013. 

The orders to comply and stop work orders were issued by Chris Rogers, Chief Building Official and Bylaw Supervisor, after activity resumed on the site. 

The effect of the Interim Control Bylaw is to prevent the use of the land for any use other than open space and is in effect for a period of one year, with a possible one year extension. It is intended to give Council and City staff an opportunity to study and subsequently consider adopting different zoning strategies for the area. 

Trillium Distribution Cornwall Inc. has launched an appeal of the Interim Control Bylaw to the Ontario Municipal Board. A hearing date for that matter has yet to be scheduled. 
In a separate matter, on Friday, February 14th, Trillium Distribution Cornwall Inc. filed an application in Ontario Superior Court. The application seeks an order to quash the Interim Control Bylaw on the grounds that the City does not have jurisdiction over federally-owned lands. In effect, the action launched by the applicant suggests that the Federal Government has sole jurisdiction over development on the lands. 

The City intends to defend the Interim Control Bylaw at the Ontario Municipal Board as well as the court action launched by Trillium Distribution Cornwall Inc. 

The big question this morning is whether crews at the TDC Inc. site will respect a city order which may not be valid and how much this charade is going to cost taxpayers and whether council will ever hold the mayor and Economic Development responsible for this utter black mark on our development plan for the city?

Chuck Charlebois, for some strange reason sent a protest letter to our MP Guy Lauzon.  MP Lauzon who stated originally that he knew nothing about the tanks has been all but silence in regards to removing the tanks to date.   Mr. Charlebois previously sabotaged a rally against the tanks.

We are reposting our online petition asking for the tanks to be stopped.   It’s interesting if you take a moment to see how few community leaders have signed it, especially as it’s such a basic question.

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What do you think dear CFN viewers.  You can post your comments below.

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