Dear Cornwall Ontario Mayor Bob Kilger – I Challenge You to a Debate on the Future of Cornwall Gilcig vs Kilger Round 1?

Bob Kilger May 16 2011 SMILECORNWALL Ontario – I emailed Cornwall Ontario Mayor Bob Kilger who in spite of telling people that he will be running for Mayor again in the Fall has yet to file his papers as he’s busy selling out our Waterfront for Chemical tanks.

It was a simple note I sent to our Mayor.    I think the future of our City is the issue in the next election.  I have been told by some that he has said around his favourite breakfast haunt, Napoleon’s (now that’s ironic) that he will refuse to debate me during the campaign.

If he truly cares about the future of the people of this city and has any testicular fortitude he will pick the time and place in March.

We have many issues facing our city and with his history of being a long time MP and two term mayor he should be able to stand up and be able to account for himself.

Bob you pick the date and location in Cornwall in March 2014.  

I challenge you to a debate, one on one on the future of Cornwall Ontario.
So Bob, you pick the time and place and  I’ll be there (with the exception of three previous commitments I have in March).    Do you have the courage to debate the future of our great city?It’s your call.  You know my email or you can post here.

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  1. He would prob need advance notice of questions asked,Kilger would not risk debating it would prove him inadequate for the job as mayor,his conflicts of interests,his raising our taxes,his former life at St Hubert Resturant that special booth!!! maybe one or more of those waitresses would come forward with more info on the scumbag

  2. “You know my email or you can post here” says Mr Jamie

    I don’t have to- I don’t want to-And you can’t make me says Mayor Bob.

  3. This is going to be fun.
    I saw a few wastes of city money this morning. Cold patching roads in 2 degree weather in pouring rain on 13th street. Cutting down the snow banks on 9th street when the snow is melting.
    Whether he debates you or not. You win.

  4. i doubt he will even acknowledge the challenge let alone attend a debate, although i hear he is a master debater ha ha ha

  5. You’d win in a debate Jamie hands down. Like Mary said, he would need the questions in advance and then pay out taxpayer dollars to consult for intelligent answers.
    Keep focusing on all the good ideas that you have for this city. Kilger will be gone soon enough. You won’t need much energy to show him up… already have! So proud of you for running for mayor and I hope the good people of Cornwall embrace the new blood that is running for council. It can only get WAY better!

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