Natural Gas Supply Shut Off in Ingleside


JIm McDonnell at Ingleside 2

CFN – The Union Gas station supplying natural gas to Ingleside has suffered from a low gas pressure today and have been forced to turn off supply to 747 of their customers. Employees of the gas utility have been turning off the meters at homes so they can test the lines before they restart the supply.

The gas will be turned on and representatives of Union Gas will be visiting each home to turn their meters back on and restart any pilot lights in that residence. The restart will begin at about 9:30 PM tonight and continue in the morning until all residences have their gas back on. The gas company’s plan is that 200-300 customers will be visited tonight with the balance being attended to in the morning.

A representative of Union Gas told Mayor McGillis that residences that are not occupied because the owners are on vacation or otherwise absent may have to be accessed forcibly to ensure the safety of the house when the gas is turned back on. Pilot lights will have to be checked and relight if present.

Further information can be accessed at the Union Gas emergency phone number 1-888-969-0999




  1. I cannot help wonder if the loss of natural gas pressure problems in Ingleside today has anything to do with the conversion of natural gas transmission pipelines to OIL as I have lived in the area for 23 years and never had a problem like this before.

  2. Douglas;

    that conversion of natural gas transmission pipelines to oil in Ontario has not started yet. So, that is not the problem. It’s a low pressure problem.

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