Gilcig Election Blog – Feb 22, 2014 Awesome Support & the Angry Mob

jamie can't fixCORNWALL Ontario – Well folks it’s been an interesting start since I announced that I’m running for mayor of our fair City of Cornwall Ontario.   While I’m amazed at the positive support from emails and offers of help to having someone run up to me last night while picking up some cat food at our local Wal-Mart and shaking my hand; there has been a pool of negativity beyond that from the Kilger camp.

Change is very hard for some to fathom.  It can be scary.    Frankly reading through many of the names on Social media they are mostly people I’ve blocked on Facebook or people who have exhibited bizarre behaviour  over the last five years.

Like they say, if  you sink to someone’s level you get dirty and while I’m not afraid of any constructive debate or criticism there are only so many hours in the day.

What these people don’t get is that they actually are helping my campaign while exposing some of the major issues facing the good people of Cornwall.  They are the best advertising for the changes my campaign hopes to bring; which is that there is a fundamental issue with groups of people in this city that   simply don’t know how to work together or criticize or disagree with someone without starting a total donnybrook that simply hurts the community.

I have built CFN over these five years in spite of this “culture”.  It hasn’t been easy and there have been days when I simply wanted to sell up and move to a more culturally and intellectually advanced community.  I even watched my ex-wife be so disgusted that besides being afraid for our safety,  decided that we should move back to her native BC.    I made the choice to stay for many reasons; but one of them was my own belief to stand up to bullies, big or small.     It’s important and the Mill Mentality is slowly changing in this town, but there’s room for improvement.   That improvement though will only happen with change.

While it’s easy, especially during an election, to point fingers at Mayor Kilger and council, the bottom line is that in this world we deserve who we vote for.   We have choices.  If we’re not informed we make poor ones and then we all pay the price.

While I’m far from a perfect candidate I believe that when elected it will not be a personal endorsement of myself or my platform (I think we can cut taxes 5% in FOUR YEARS) but a loud message from the people of Cornwall that the status quo has not worked and that change is indeed needed.  And not just changing old faces for new ones with the same beliefs, but total change.

A vote for Mayor Kilger or his designate is a clear sign from voters that they support the Kilger regime and each and every action (or not) taken by them over the last eight years.


Is it something Cornwall wants or doesn’t?    This election that question and the choice will be clear, and it will be up to the people of Cornwall that actually get out there and vote to make that happen or not.

Celebrate South Stormont


  1. 707
    I am one of those which is in the community buy not your community. I have found your response to be above intelligence when compared to majority in the fb group which is trying to boycott you.
    While I am on neither side as I don’t trust any politician I do like that you did not fall to your accusers level.
    On the other hand, were you insulting the intelligence of the whole community or just the one you have been involved in.
    I know a lot of upstanding citizens in Cornwall and would hate to think an upcoming candidate is insulting them.
    I am sure I am mistaken, can you set me clear?

  2. Author

    Alison the problem in Cornwall is that the “nice” people in Cornwall get intimidate far too easily. When a mad dog pack circle around someone who stands up to the mob it gets ugly as you witnessed. I was taught by my grand-father that when you are being ganged up on and bullied you decide who the leader is and let them have it as hard as you can. While you might end up with a beating generally bullies look for the weakest prey. It’s not politically correct; but I will not tolerate bullies and thugs. I will expose them, and if more people in the community did so the bullies would lose their power.

  3. “I believe that when elected it will not be a personal endorsement of myself or my platform but a loud message from the people of Cornwall that the status quo has not worked and that change is indeed needed.  ”

    That is almost verbatim what I tried to post to respond your statement that a vore for pq should automatically be a referrendum on separation.

    Now today you understand that politics is much more complicated than running on a platform or even running under a political party’s banner. Sometimes politics and the election process is all about change and removal of the current elected officials.

    But beware because when people are fed up they will vote based appearences as opposed to political ideals.

    Meaning when a population gets out to force out a goverment they usually will overlook candidates actual political career and vote for someone they think looks ok for the job. Reason being, that during these types of elections, most feel they have nothing more to loose.

    So please if you want to be taken seriously and actually have a shot at the seat, be more presentable, clean up and NEVER ever wear a tshirt insulting your oppenents.

    PS why did you delete the entire marois pq article?????

  4. i’ve noticed you’ve stirred the waters JG, the so called highly educated people voicing their opinion. most of those highly educated people don’t understand that an education isn’t what you get from a book, but what you get from life’s experiences. walking around with your nose in the air or buried in a book only shows that the person is unable to comprehend reality. the streets teach a person reality, the true world comes to light, not what goes on behind closed doors in a hush hush clique, where life is wonderful all the time. a person could learn a lot if the silver spoon was removed and they were made to find their own way through life without the help of daddies wallet and mommies apron stings. you don’t know what its like to live in a cardboard box till you have lived it. there’s nothing like hands on experience to teach you something you will never forget



  7. I would caution any candidate for political office in Cornwall not to try freeze or cut taxes Services are a minimum now and a cut in taxes would mean further cuts to services. And cutting taxes would mean playing catch-up with higher taxes down the line. I don’t like hikes in taxes, but I realize it’s better to pay a little more now than to have taxes cut and then having to play catch-up later on. Infastructure, etc. needs constant maintenace and thus tax revenue is needed. And we cannot keep the belief that senior levels of government will continue to run programs to maintain / upgrade infastructure, etc.. If we are holding that belief we will eventually be disappointed. Both Ontario ($288.1 billion) and Canada ($602 billion) are running huge deficits that MUST be repaid. Sure they’ve said we will have balanced budgets soon. But that does not cover previous deficits that MUST be eliminated.

  8. Author

    Fern we need to empower people young and old and make them realize that their vote counts and City Hall is there to serve them, and not only once every four years at election time. Freedom comes with responsibility and so does a strong and vibrant community.

  9. Fern;

    take off the caps. No need to yell everything.

  10. ok hugger1 is this ok ………………………………………………………………………………………….

  11. hey hugger1 are you a polition representin us if so your full of stuff i dont understand

  12. Fern said:
    hey hugger1 are you a polition representin us if so your full of stuff i dont understand

    I say Huh? I don’t understand.

  13. Author

    neither do I? 🙂

  14. Hugger1 makes an excellent point. Cutting taxes is a usually a cheap way just to attract votes. Whereas finding efficiencies and improving services can actually go a long way to better the community. And promising to cut taxes during an election campaign is getting really old. Might as well dress up in a plaid jacket and bow-tie and do your best Tim Hudak impersonation.
    Another bit of free advice, whatever free advice is worth: Spend most of your time and energy putting forward your ideas and vision, rather than attacking Kilger and the “clique”. From what I gather, it seems that most people are onto them anyway, and want them gone.

  15. Author

    Furtz in Cornwall taxes have been rising to pay off artificial amounts of monies. Cutting in this city isn’t a gimmick; it’s a necessity for growth.

  16. 707
    Thank you for your response. Funny thing is I hadn’t even heard of you before the boycott JG group showed up on my FB timeline so it’s really a positive group for you as it is helping put your name out there.
    There are always two sides to a story and humans always make mistakes. The good thing about humans is that they are also ever changing.
    Everyone has a history and if we base our opinions on that then no one would like anyone.
    I have never and will never stand in line along side bullies.
    I pride myself on that and also hearing two sides.
    WTG on the lack of retaliation
    Now. If you become mayor what is your stand on Cornwall Pride coming back? Will your office be supportive?

  17. Author

    Alison if you check I do believe you’ll see that we were the only media sponsor for the Pride Valentine Dance this year at the Army Navy Club? CFN has always been supportive of the Pride Organization locally when it was stable and professionally run as we are with any community group. I also offered to assist in bringing in a headline performer for any events that they envision doing in the future as one of my friends hosted the Just for Laugh’s Queer Show in Montreal.

  18. “If you become mayor what is your stand on Cornwall Pride coming back?” – I did not know they left! 🙂

  19. Jamie you said it exactly about bullies and the bullies rule Cornwall “the clique” among others and that has to change or else Cornwall will never recover. Mayor Martelle tried to get rid of the smugglers and there were drive by shootings and he and his family had threats on their lives and Cornwall made the headlines of Time Magazine back in 1993. When we came to Ottawa our landlord asked me about Mayor Martelle and I told him that he is now deceased and he had a good laugh of all the insanity that went on in Cornwall. You do have to get the young people out to vote and they all have lost hope just like my generation has lost hope and left among many others. The economy is in a mighty deep hole everywhere and the entire world’s economy is expected to fall flat and people have to learn how to live. Mr. Rothwell said something very crucial and very vitally important about those cardboard boxes and yes this is what it takes sometimes for people to wake up to the real world.

  20. Jamie (Admin) it is best to be upfront with the public. Don’t tell the people things that you cannot give to them. We have enough of those liars on Canada’s District of Criminals here in Ottawa who keeps two sets of books one for the public and one that has the truth. Be honest with the public whether the news is good or bad when you do take office. Don’t promise lower taxes when anybody with logic knows that Cornwall is in trouble and you will have to take that Adams woman out of the broom closet where Bare Ass has her hiden and have her tell you the whole poop good and bad. People want honesty and dress in a professional manner since that is the job that you will be holding. I sure do love your T shirts but once you take office there will be another Jamie but we will always love you no matter what but be honest with the people. We haven’t seen a real honest mayor since Mayor Horowitz back in the 50’s era and he cared for Cornwall and the people. Things have to change and hard times are coming worldwide and there is so much that the people do not know about and it would shock them. Seven top banksters as in gangsters which they all are have committed suicide just lately so hold on to your britches and don’t spend a dime that you don’t have to. Keep the people well informed of your plans and always consult them before doing anything. We have had more than enough crooks around to last us a lifetime. Boot them all out and there is one who will stand up and imitate “Tricky Dicky” Richard Nixon with his arms up in the air saying “I’m not a crook.” LOL LOL. We would all yell BOO and Good Ridance to Bad Rubbish.

  21. Pastor Tom Newton you are a man of God and I am religious and I too do not accept homosexuality at all and lesbianism but in Jamie’s case he cannot take sides and has to be neutral even though he attended a homosexual wedding which I completely disapprove of but that is Jamie. You and I have our own beliefs and morals. Jamie is to be put in the administrative seat to govern Cornwall in a better way and is not taking religion into politics. We cannot run everybody’s lives. When I worked in the federal government there were a number of them and today it is much worse. My unit along with my supervisor and myself included had more laughs about the crazy antics of those kinds of people than what I can describe. As you well know Pastor that homosexuality always was since the days of Jesus and well before that. We both know about Sodom and Gomora what happened to those two cities in Israel for their sins. As you know your Bible inside out we both know that today’s economy is in the Bible and yes Babylon is falling indeed. The people here do not know what we are talking about but we both know the meaning and it is going to be a terrible time of troubles when your church and every church will be filled to capacity when people wake up and see the reality around them. Thank you Pastor for all you do.

  22. Author

    Jules I believe in equality and gay people should suffer just like all of the rest of us. It comes down to tolerance. I do not agree with many of the views of a lot of people, but I will defend their right to live their lives freely within those beliefs and the laws of our lands. I will not condemn some as other do because they are different or don’t follow the same steps in life as I do.

  23. @ Jules. It’s not up to you or your friend Mr. Newton to approve or disapprove of anyone based on their sexuality. Quite frankly, it’s none of your damned business how other people live as long as they aren’t causing you harm. Believe me, nobody is going through life worrying about whether you, or your imaginary god, approves of them or not.

  24. Jamie I do see what you mean and I don’t mean to put down gays but I just don’t approve and God will be the judge. Jamie it is impossible to agree with everyone and you know that on your job as a reporter. We all have our own opinions. Furtz God is real and one day you might find that out for yourself. We can talk till the cows come home and still it won’t sink into you until you find that out for yourself. I used to be a little like yourself in not believing and believe me I found out different. Many things that I saw in my childhood turned me off completely and I cried plenty and I can’t blame God for what people do. I like and respect the Pastor and we are of opposite faiths but when he quotes the Good Book the Bible I feel like I am in heaven with that.

  25. Author

    Jules I think there are days you definately need to reread what you type for you hit enter. 🙂

  26. @ Jules. I’ve managed to get through life pretty much god-free. The cool thing about being god-free is that you don’t have to beat up or pass judgement on people who are different from yourself. By all means, if judging others somehow makes you feel holy or superior, go for it. You only live once.

  27. Jamie, I recall that when Kim Campbell commented that Jean Chrétien (out of context) commented ‘don’t vote for a man who talks with a lisp’….or something to that effect….she decimated her party allowing a ‘gift’ of a majority government on a platter to Jean Cretien.

    Lessons can be learned by her negative approach.

  28. Author

    Diddly Ms Campbell had far deeper and more severe issues than any comment she made. She was dead woman walking and Mr. Mulroney left her a sinking ship. Her demise had far more to do with his government than hers.

  29. just to remind you all ….Bullies….I took your shit all my life like most gay men and women in cornwall…..You bashed me untill suicide ideation ruled my life….Hey Jules…who the hell are you ..your just a basher…..I don’t agree withhow you live your hypocrite life… belong with the pedaphiles who sent my friend Keith Ouellette to jail ” wrongful ” imprisonment for refusing to give Ken Seguin Sexual favours…along with Nelson Barque and Richard Hickerson… deserve all that you get in this life…and if bashing is all you see……then so by it….bashes my whole life called gay , homo, fairy…and then all the branding names i can’t repeat cause my mother gave me morals to live fairly…..then you grow up …and telll them you gay and they …” bulllies from your childhood …they turn their backs on you ….isn’t that right Jules…..You belong in massachusetts in the far south where they still burn crosses…..Bully you are……Cornwall …yeah what a great place…the city that sleeps together……

  30. Author

    Just a note to all. Please debate the points, don’t attack each other.


  31. Religious talk should remain to ones self…….especially when one knows nothing of equality, fairness and love of thy neighbour……..treat others like you would be treated…..don’t forget to look into that mirror in your own soul…

  32. That’s the problem with allowing religious comments. They almost always entail the put-down or bashing of one group of people or another.

  33. {MODERATED} If you wish to post with a user id you need to email info@cornwallfreenews and register with your name, mailing address, phone number and user id requested.

  34. What i truly don’t understand is why people like Pastor Tom or Jules have so much time to devote to condemning the life styles of other people.Just leave them alone..its so easy to hear the pain in Marc’s letter.
    Jumpin even wateringhole scribbler big mac decided to write a column because the Canadian flag was replaced with a pride flag in Lamoureux park. why???
    Cornwall is falling apart yet instead of writing about Cornwalls low rankings in almost every category..or the lack of respect shown to Veterans by MP guy lauzon or almost any relevant issue Mr Mac decides we need a lesson in respecting our flag…get real…retire already.
    Cornwall needs new politicians not a bunch of cheerleaders who seem to love glossy expensive magazines and radio ads about all the great things happening here.
    One drive thru the city puts the lie to most of their hot air

    One last note…Jules!!!!!!!!!
    we still await proof of your statements about the Mayor and St Hubert..Cat got your tongue??????..

    “but when he quotes the Good Book the Bible I feel like I am in heaven with that.” ISN”T PROOF

  35. Like I said ” Most of you don’t even had the Balls to write comments under your true names?….I commend Jamie in writting about the truth in his City of sleepers…….you think you can bash people and get away with it ….he’s not the only one that got bad service from Panda’s Cold leftovers…..just gimme your money…we don’t care if you got garbage to eat…..that is great service ….Jamie ..your not alone ……for all the readers who hypocritically call themselves Cornwallites…….there are so many who read your aritcles and we thank you for bringing light on alot of stuff that would just go untold to the citizens who pay taxes…..hidden by politicians who fill their own needs first……so it seems…..Dictators …clique’s of drunk driving law enforcement and politicians….like i say the more a society falls farther from truth …the more they will bash those who speak it!

  36. Jamie on your suspicions on who is making comments at the freeholder…didn’t the st lawrence college grad they recently hired come after you– about a story you wrote about closing journalism program–after speaking to dean of the school??
    Don’t often agree with McIntosh but he can’t put sentences together that make sense…something Itinerant the long time commenter at freeholder…can’t do.

    Like Mr Furtz said
    You can’t just write what you want on the internet without facing justice

    Jules you might want to take notice of this lawsuit that recently happened in Canada

    Owners of an idyllic vacation spot in rural Nova Scotia have won the second round of a legal battle to protect themselves from what a judge calls an “outrageous and highly reprehensible” homophobic Internet smear campaign from a Mississippi blogger.In his decision, Justice Kevin Coady ordered Handshoe to pay $390,000 after the blogger repeatedly smeared the Nova Scotia couple and incorrectly linked them to a Louisiana political scandal.

    “The actions and words of Mr. Handshoe . . . are clearly defamatory,” Coady wrote in his decision. “Furthermore they have no relationship to the truth. They amount to nothing more than a misguided attempt to destroy Mr. Leary, Mr. Perret and Trout Point Lodge.”

    Handshoe also peppered his blog postings with anti-gay smears.

  37. Jules never responds when challenged about her religious gay-bashing. She just disappears for a few days, and then starts posting again like nothing was said. The pattern repeats itself every month or so.
    Too bad that some people can’t get over their hatred of people they don’t even know. What a way to live.

  38. @ Furtz….

    It’s not ust on religious gay-bashing. She disappears whenever challenged and she doesn’t have an answer. She still hasn’t responded to the allegations she made about the mayor and the restauarant.

  39. Mr Furtz
    glad you clued me into Jules “system” what a cowardly way to act
    Have to admit while Jamie is talking about bullies..that it was very upsetting to have her label me as a member of the “clique’..never have been…never will…let others decide what i think
    Hugger…you add a very good point Jules never answered my challenge..i posted it twice…about the Mayor
    For the record Jules…if you had posted the same kind of slur and gossip about Jamie…i would also challenge u to provide proof

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