Gilcig Election Blog – Feb 22, 2014 Awesome Support & the Angry Mob

Gilcig Election Blog – Feb 22, 2014  Awesome Support & the Angry Mob

jamie can't fixCORNWALL Ontario – Well folks it’s been an interesting start since I announced that I’m running for mayor of our fair City of Cornwall Ontario.   While I’m amazed at the positive support from emails and offers of help to having someone run up to me last night while picking up some cat food at our local Wal-Mart and shaking my hand; there has been a pool of negativity beyond that from the Kilger camp.

Change is very hard for some to fathom.  It can be scary.    Frankly reading through many of the names on Social media they are mostly people I’ve blocked on Facebook or people who have exhibited bizarre behaviour  over the last five years.

Like they say, if  you sink to someone’s level you get dirty and while I’m not afraid of any constructive debate or criticism there are only so many hours in the day.

What these people don’t get is that they actually are helping my campaign while exposing some of the major issues facing the good people of Cornwall.  They are the best advertising for the changes my campaign hopes to bring; which is that there is a fundamental issue with groups of people in this city that   simply don’t know how to work together or criticize or disagree with someone without starting a total donnybrook that simply hurts the community.

I have built CFN over these five years in spite of this “culture”.  It hasn’t been easy and there have been days when I simply wanted to sell up and move to a more culturally and intellectually advanced community.  I even watched my ex-wife be so disgusted that besides being afraid for our safety,  decided that we should move back to her native BC.    I made the choice to stay for many reasons; but one of them was my own belief to stand up to bullies, big or small.     It’s important and the Mill Mentality is slowly changing in this town, but there’s room for improvement.   That improvement though will only happen with change.

While it’s easy, especially during an election, to point fingers at Mayor Kilger and council, the bottom line is that in this world we deserve who we vote for.   We have choices.  If we’re not informed we make poor ones and then we all pay the price.

While I’m far from a perfect candidate I believe that when elected it will not be a personal endorsement of myself or my platform (I think we can cut taxes 5% in FOUR YEARS) but a loud message from the people of Cornwall that the status quo has not worked and that change is indeed needed.  And not just changing old faces for new ones with the same beliefs, but total change.

A vote for Mayor Kilger or his designate is a clear sign from voters that they support the Kilger regime and each and every action (or not) taken by them over the last eight years.


Is it something Cornwall wants or doesn’t?    This election that question and the choice will be clear, and it will be up to the people of Cornwall that actually get out there and vote to make that happen or not.

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