Has City Hall in Cornwall Ontario Killed the River Kings? February 23, 2014

River King's Owner David Small Appeals for New Investors

cornwall river kings bear tossCORNWALL Ontario – The River Kings seem to have been cursed since day one.  First it was Mayor Kilger and the city giving a lease deal to the Cornwall Colts knowing the River Kings were coming to the Civic Complex.   That deal all but made it impossible for the team to have any chance of making money.

Original owner Bernie Villeneuve ended up being forced to sell the team and a new ownership group led by David Small took over for this season with scant weeks to start the season.   Shoeless Joes, whose ownership are part of the partnership has the restaurant listed for sale on the local MLS site.

With little to no budget to work with and a ton of good will from the community including CFN the season has been a wild ride.

Mitch Gagne & Jason Mitchell are no longer with the club and today Mr. Small issued a press release.

With the team struggling financially, the River Kings are turning to the public for some help.

In an effort to help the financially-strapped organization, the team is launching a March Madness Ticket Blitz. Next Saturday, when Saint-Georges comes to town, all tickets will be $5.

The team is looking to break the single-game attendance record in the LNAH. More importantly, the team needs a boost in attendance.

“We are doing everything we possibly can,” said David Small, owner of the River Kings. “Players have been making sacrifices as well to keep this team here,” he said. “They are a great group of guys and they are playing for the love of the game.”

The River Kings were behind the eight-ball to start the season with no advertising deal in place. Obviously, not all revenue streams are available at the moment.

Potential investors are also asked to contact the team if interested. Small can be reached by email at david-small@hotmail.com.

Could Cornwall be losing the positive economic impact of having all those dates filled at the Civic Complex?   Is this the message we want small businesses to consider before deciding to create something in Cornwall?

Mayor Kilger and Mr. Small were unavailable for comment as of press time.  Ironically enough Mayor Kilger is a former NHL ref  and former hockey coach himself.

What do you think Cornwall.  Can the Kings be saved and should the City make up for the damage that they have caused this franchise?  You can post your comments below.


David Small, owner of the River Kings provided the following statement as of 8:56 PM

We will finish the year.  This city’s  players are some of the greatest and classiest guys I have ever met. They truly want this team here and are helping me to do that.

 River Kings

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