Reg Coffey to Run for Town Councillor in South Stormont

Signing Papers

CFN – Yesterday I went to the South Stormont Township Hall and registered to be a candidate for councillor for the municipal election in October. I have been an observer of the municipal council this last term and now I want to be an active participant.

During this past term of the South Stormont Council I have witnessed a well run operation that has managed the affairs of the township very well. However the attitude at the township council has deteriorated as of late with increasing dissention and confrontation. My goal in becoming a councillor is to bring back the feeling of teamwork and unanimity of attitude to do what is best for all of South Stormont. There is lots of work to be done to improve the economy while continue to ensure the rights of taxpayers with minimal cost. The current combative attitude in council only gets in the way.

What I bring to the table is experience, perspective, honesty, and hard work. My work experience in both the Federal Government and the food industry has taught me that policies and regulations can be respectfully challenged and changes can be made. Since my return to the area in 2007 I have been active in the community becoming a director of the local Chamber of Commerce and supporting local events such as the Long Sault Farmer’s Market and the Ingleside Craft Show through participating as a vendor and reporting the events as a journalist. I am very proud and grateful to be living in South Stormont and I hope I can be even more proactive in maintaining and improving our quality of life.

More information about my personal history and basic attitude of life can be found on my web site under the “About Me” tab:

It is early in the election campaign and for those of you who want to keep informed the Township has a web page which lists all candidates.

While other levels of government appear to be more interesting to the average person, the seat of federal government is in Ottawa and that of provincial government is in Toronto. Your  municipal government is in your own neighbourhood and interacts with you every day. Please pay attention to the upcoming election so you can make an informed decision on who you want to represent your interests.

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  1. @ Reg. To whom or what do you attribute the increasing dissention and confrontation? Is it one person on Council causing the problem, or is it a general malaise within the group?

  2. As a journalist I would expand on the issue but as a candidate I might be burning bridges.

  3. @Reg Coffey

    Your candor is refreshing Reg.

    Best wishes in your campaign. In my dealings with you, I sense a man of intelligence, ingenuity and goodwill.

  4. That’s understandable Reg. In our township, we’ve had ongoing turmoil for the last four years, including an abusive mayor who was “forced” to resign because of his inappropriate behavior, chastisement from the provincial ombudsman because of an illegal secret council meeting, and one control-freak councilor who people seem to have difficulty standing up to. And that’s just scratching the surface. At this point, it would take a very special (ballsy) person to run for council in this township.

  5. Congratulations Reg, I wish you much success.

  6. All the best, Reg.

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