UPDATE Cornwall Ontario Fire Department responds to call at Aevitas in Business Park

aevcwlCornwall Ontario –   The City of Cornwall has updated the fire at the Aevitas PCB fire in Cornwall yesterday.

The Event
At approximately 12:20 pm on Monday, February 24th, a call was received by the 911 operator advising of a fire at Aevitas Inc., a business on Industrial Park Drive in the Cornwall Business Park.

The Response
The Fire Department responded with 14 personnel.  An additional 18 personnel were called in for support. 

The Summary
A high pressure light bulb inside the building accidently blew and fell on cable paper wrap, starting a fire.

There were extremely low levels of PCBs (below 1%) in the area of origin. The situation did not pose a significant health or environmental risk to the public.

All personnel precautions and safety procedures were followed and the Cornwall Fire Department’s Haz Mat Team was in contact with CANUTEC, the Canadian Transport Emergency Centre operated by the Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Directorate of Transport Canada. The Directorate’s overall mandate is to promote public safety in the transportation of dangerous goods by all modes.

Minimal damage was caused to the building as a result of the fire.

One employee was treated by Paramedics for smoke inhalation upon exiting the building and was transported to hospital as a precaution and was later released.

The fire investigation is complete and the building has been released to the owner.



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