Cornwall Ontario Councilor David Murphy Files for RE Election – Feb. 26, 2014

david murphyCFN – Cornwall Ontario City Councilor David Murphy has filed his papers for re election.  The first time councilor has been a part of the most dysfunctional council in the city’s history.

Murdering Beavers, Pigeons, Geese, Coyotes, the Fitzpatrick scandal, the firing of HR Manager Robert Menagh to move into a new direction which still seems an awful lot like the old direction, and helping cover up and beat up the three whistle blowers in the City of Cornwall to date this term.

Mr. Murphy also volunteers with sports related events in addition to his positions with Benson’s and working for PC MPP Jim McDonell.

He proudly boycotts CFN and refused comment for interview regarding his candidacy.  He actually was a member of a boycott CFN group, and while removing his id refused to issue a public statement regarding how it came to be there.

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  1. Dave Murphy is a superb candidate….good man, honest, hardworking, good for our community and is a go-getter. HE HAS MY VOTE ! He is the example for how politicians SHOULD act.

  2. MOST OF THESE aldermen ARE PuppetS I WONDER WHO IS THE puppeteer?

  3. The puppeteer sits at the table.

  4. sorry about the caps Hugger1

  5. David Murphy should NOT boycott CFN or any other well recognized media that is trying to promote Cornwall for the better. If he wants to make it next time around he must show us that he can function on his own without following the big bully at the table. If he is going to put up walls and refuse to talk to CFN that is the wrong attitude and I won’t vote for him to be at the table!

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