Cornwall Ontario Secondary Students Raise the Bar in Fraser Institute Rankings!

201213 Cornwall sec school rankingsCORNWALL Ontario –  Looks like Cornwall Ontario secondary schools have improved in Fraser Institute rankings from 2011/12!


L’Heritage leap frogged into first moving from 164/725 ranking to 122/740 with a score of 7.6 from 7.3!  Kudos to the kids and staff at the school.

Overall it was good to see four out of six schools on the chart finish in the top half of schools ranked!  Even CCVS rose from 679/725 and a 3.1 score to 656/740 and 3.9!   Way to go students!

Now the goal for next year should be for all of our city schools to get into the top half.     I wish our school boards would work with CFN as I think we could help achieve that.

Congrats Cornwall kids!  You earned it!

Now, I’m wondering of those that criticized the Fraser Institute will this year 😉

And speaking of students;  some St. Lawrence College students are having a fund raiser to help seniors!

Please help if you can.

fund raiser

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