Faces of Hate in Cornwall Ontario & SD&G by Jamie Gilcig

jg2CORNWALL Ontario –  Since my political smear involving my being charged by Cornwall Police Services, and my announcing my candidacy for Mayor I’ve seen a tremendous amount of frankly, hate. A small group of people started a boycott page against CFN on social media.  They plunked people into the group.  That’s how I discovered it myself as they added me as a joke.   But things got quite ugly and I left right away as I certainly wasn’t going to give them any legitimacy, and frankly you never argue with a mob, or crazy people, or a mob of crazy people. There was no rational.  It was just digging and looking for blood. daveVAN Cornwall City Councilor David Murphy was there.  Now it’s no secret that Mr. Murphy has boycotted CFN since day one whether via Benson’s , the City, or now with MPP Jim McDonell’s office.  However when contacted to verify, Mr. Murphy immediately removed himself from the group.  He however refused to issue a statement.  After all while he may not like CFN we are a local business and he is supposed to represent local interests as a city councilor. Dave is pictured with one Vanessa Regnier.  More about Ms Regnier later.  (and no, I will not bring up those rumors….) Who added Ms Regnier to the hate group; which her boyfriend Nicholas MacNaughton who works at CIBC has actually posted in; but Guy St. Jean of Neo Vintage Furniture who is …running for council.  I kid  you not.

guy ads vanessa to boycott group

Only the people in the group which was started by one Kevin Dockery whose claim to fame I believe was that I blocked him on Facebook because he was….well nasty.   I’m not big on wasting time on this planet.  It’s always easier to block than debate, not because I’m afraid to debate; simply because it’s a waste of time if not for a reason.  I really don’t need to practice on monkeys.

I sent a few messages to Mr. St. Jean including one today; but he chose not to respond.   Only he  can answer for his actions which I’m sure he’ll have to once the campaigns really heat up.

denis lapierre boycottAlso in the group are Councilor Denis Thibault and Mrs. Todd Lihou.  Todd is of course editor of The Seaway News.  Denis Lapierre of the Seaway News also is in the group.

And of course Deputy Mayor of South Stormont, Ms Tammy Hart was there to embarrass her community that CFN has a terrific relationship with.   I was at a special council meeting tonight as a group of medical professionals want to sell their building to their young and talented pharmacist and build a new larger health centre.

Ms Hart was the sole vote of dissent in what could have cancelled a near $1.5M project in her community.   Before the meeting started I asked her about her being in the boycott group.

Ms Hart has announced that she’s running again for Deputy Mayor.  Frankly from what I’m hearing she won’t be winning in 2014.

There are more I can list; but frankly I think they’d enjoy me naming them, so I won’t.

Hate is a funny thing.  It holds communities back.  It hurts innocent people caught in the middle like a dear friend and client I lost because frankly, she was afraid to tell the truth, and that’s what bullies do.

They make good people afraid to tell the truth; live their lives, advertise with whom they wish; have lunch with whom they wish.   The divide loyalties and break friendships.  It’s why there are over 20 empty store fronts in Cornwall.  It’s why a lot of things are the way they are in Cornwall.

I want to change that, but I’m one single person who isn’t that strong and mighty.

This year I’m losing a bunch of friends who have had enough and are moving away from Cornwall.   As we get a trickle of Quebecer’s feeling the circus that is Quebec; people in Cornwall are fleeing for many of the same reasons.

It’s time to change.  It’s time to draw the line in the sand.  Enough with bullying.  Enough with corruption, ignorance, pettiness, nepotism, and frankly backward uneducated short term thinking.

As we were sharing in a phone conversation today; I may not win this election.  I may finally get fed up with the bs here in this city and leave myself; but come October   2014 things will be different and my friends that means I’ve won.  Some have said I’ve already won as they have never seen as much election talk this far out of the vote.

Be the change.  I dare you.

And remember we don’t have to let the petty monsters be anything other than petty monsters.   Shine lights on them. It’s like sunlight to a vampire; trust me!


Facebook removed the boycott group for promoting hatred.


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  1. Many of these people I’m sure are CFN regulars. Jamie, start posting some of their rants with their e-mail adresses and their true names attached. I’m positive that these bullies who are trying to drum up support against CFN are the same people who promote tolerance and “pink t-shirt day”. Their misguided actions will make it much easier for me to make my decision on who’s name I will be marking an “X” beside come election day.

  2. Author

    They are Devon and the boycott group was taken down by Facebook this morning.

  3. In regards to your rants, You my friend are something special The group was started because of degrading of Cornwall and the people in it by YOU. be honest you Did Not like over 500 people standing up against you. Tell your readers how you personally have threatened members of the group. how you called us neo nazis and kkk members how you degraded a female member of this group and her young daughter. I have contacted facebook this morning and they are investing your allegations and your page and support page.Considering you are media source one would think you would want to publish the truth i have screen captions of every threat degrading remake that you have made to people in the group. And you did not block me because i was “NASTY” BE HONEST YOU BLOCKED ME BECAUSE I QUESTIONED YOU ABOUT OF YOUR NASTY REMARKS TOWARDS CORNWALL AND THE PEOPLE IN IT LIKE U DO WITH EVERYONE ELSE THAT CONFRONTS YOU The truth will come out. There will be more surprises to bad you haven’t found the other group with same amount of people on another social media site have a nice day SIr

  4. Author

    And Kevin that’s why I blocked you. And that’s why I will be sending this message you just sent to the CPS. You’re not interested in the truth; but you are interested in hate.

  5. Author

    Btw, why is a comment from someone who tried to post under the id HATER from the same IP number as you’re using?

  6. Who else are you going to add to your posse Kevin? Grow some and speak for yourself instead of approaching others to take up arms against CFN. It must feel liberating for you to finally use your true identity when posting here, instead of some fictitious pseudonym….but no…everybody put their pink t-shirts on, grab ‘yer pitchforks and torches, cause we’re gonna have ourselves a lynching. Kevin, I bet the first thing you did when you got up was check out CFN to get your morning fix.. then you got on Facebook to gossip about the big man..what a joke.

  7. Ms. Hart seems as charming as ever.

  8. politicians got away with a lot before internet midea expose them for what they really are LOL LOL

  9. Jamie, I hope nobody added me to the group? Did you see me there?

  10. Author

    Nope. They added most of the membership. You could see numbers dribble down as people left, and then they’d jump up by 20 or 30.

  11. Thanks for notifying me. I was in Cuba for a week and had limited access to the internet and wouldn’t have been able to determine something like that.


  12. {MODERATED} Paul if you wish to post anonymously you must register your id by emailing your name, address, phone number, and user id you wish to use to info@cornwallfreenews.com

  13. Lmfao. Jamie your a liar. You have discriminated this city long enough. Their is nothing you won’t do to harm this city. Whether it be confronting store owners or citizens. You sir hate yourself. You hated the fact that a restaurant banned you from the establishment. You hated the fact people made a group about you. I have never seen anything like this before. So many members of this community dislike one individual. It’s unreal. Yes rob ford smoked crack. Look at what he did for Toronto. Someone like yourself hating members of the winter fest and discriminating against them. But that is ok right cause it you doing the bullying. Every time someone brings up valid facts and debates you, you block and delete them. Saying that’s nonsense. Seriously bud get over yourself and quit being a glorified blogger and hater yourself.

    You can delete this post all you want. It’s copied and I will post it every where. People are so sick of you trying to play the poor mr card. Seriously get off you @$$ and do something with your life. Taking other peoples pictures and asking them for the news story is not media. It’s called lazy. No one cares that your trying to make yourself look like the victim here. You are equally to blame for this nonsense. You were being the bully t this community and the community said we had enough from you and stood up to you. Now you hate this fact.

    Get the hell over it already and quit posting people’s pictures you steal from Facebook and post them on your site dropping names and telling people who they are. That’s how perpetrators find their victims. It’s common sense.


  14. Author

    Paul first off it’s defamation to state that someone’s a liar when they clearly are not. Secondly this is your first and last post here. You have now sent multiple messages and tried to post multiple times today.

    You must be mighty desperate.

    I just am going to illustrate some of the hate and the faces of that hate, again.

    I have a long history of defending store owners here in Cornwall starting with the Librarie CAF stunt where they were going to use tax dollars to fund a computer service and store to compete with local businesses that are already struggling to pay their taxes.

    We beat Wal-Mart defending the First Student Bus Driver’s Survivor event. That year they broke a record and raised over $14K for CHEO. We defended the murdering of our Beavers in our Nature park.

    This week I missed my bank appointment to open my campaign account because I was spending two hours helping a mom and her son deal with a school bullying situation after she had read our Ryan Gosling piece. That story has a happy ending luckily and will probably never see the pages of CFN.

    You sir are part of the problem in this community. You are one of the faces of hate. I’m not sure that you and some of those that you seem to be speaking for even want to make Cornwall a better place?

    And that’s your right. Not that I think many of you or your friends vote, but if I get enough of you petty monsters to vote this year; even if I don’t get elected I and this community have won.

    You do what you wish; but CFN is the only place that you have that stands up for the people of Cornwall. As a matter of fact I actually stood up for the very monster that was running around bullying and cajoling our clients and sponsors; Nicholas MacNaughton who works at the CIBC. And you sir would not be able to post this on any other media in the city; even this one time.

    It’s a free world; the beauty of not living in places like Ukraine right now which you and some of your buds probably aren’t aware of; which is in danger of falling under Russian rule again or falling into a civil war.

    So go do your hating; but you Paul, don’t get to do it here on CFN.

    There is a difference between being a critique and defending the public and being in a lowly hate mob. Sadly many of you don’t know that difference.

    You are part of the problem. It’s that simple. CFN has been built on the good will of a lot of people and we will not cheapen their contributions by allowing people like you to play.

  15. When somebody posts that “your” a liar, all you can do is laugh or shake your head.

  16. Best article and comments ever. Except the one a about the tightrope walk from the Seaway Building to Knox Tower.

  17. I agree with what you say Paul about both parties being equally to blame for this nonsense. Although I may have stuck up for Gilcig, I don’t see him as the victim here. I disagreed and argued with Jamie on more than a few issues. I am pro Kilger (and that’s all of them).. Murphy is getting my vote ’cause I like him and he’s trying..and I don’t believe that the Regnier girl is the face of evil..and I would’nt mess with her boyfriend. You see the moderately intelligent reader like myself can bypass the gossip and appreciate it for what it is..a “good read”. What I do admire, is Jamie’s conviction..he’s certainly politically savvy and he responds to me when questioned. CFN has enlightened me on many issues that are important to me. Jamie has earned my respect for that. My earlier rant was in retaliation to political foe who use Facebook to garner support against 1 man. Let people make decisions for themselves.

  18. @420……”tightrope walk from the Seaway Building to Knox Tower.” What does this mean?

  19. I recently created a Facebook group called “Support CornwallFree News, this group is open and accepting like minded individuals who support independent media and free speech. Sadly, this hate group “Boycott CornwallFree News”, aka the “Angry Mob”, have reported 16 posts on my page to Facebook. I have no updates on this situation, but I’m confident Facebook will disregard the complaints, as my group is peaceful & respectful.


  20. There’s no such thing as bad publicity except your own obituary.
    – Brendan Behan –

    When you’re right on… then write on.
    – Me –

  21. Dave Murphy hates no one. He is a kind person. Someone added him to a group and he promptly removed himself….probably realizing the group is not positive and is stooping to a level he wants no part of. I was on it, then removed myself once I saw all the swearing going on. Just my speculation on what he may have done. {MODERATED}

  22. Author

    Serge Mr. Murphy has to stand by his actions and records as we all do. While he chose to remove his name; he refused to make a statement. That’s not leadership.

  23. Well I have been off for a brief time trying to recouperate. Jamie just this morning my husband and I went out to get a few things and while coming back we introduced ourselves to a nice Ukrainian lady who was here in Canada since 6 years. I worked with a lovely woman who was half Ukranian from Saskatchewan and half British who have left for the east coast since a number of years to retire. It is very sad what is going on over there and my husband told the woman about the hell in his own country. Canadians do not know anything about hardship and we have it good just now.

    Cornwall sure hasn’t changed one iota and if you become mayor you would have enormous challenges to meet and you are right about people moving away “EN MASSE” because nobody can take that kind of mentality at all whatsoever. I have run in to some people from Cornwall and they all say the same and they left years ago and never to return. No matter what you do in life Jamie you have my good wishes and my prayers. I wouldn’t trade places with you at all to live in Cornwall ever again. That is a place that is more dead than what happened during the 30’s Great Depression era. All I see is fighting and no wonder I could never go on facebook or any of that crap at all. I see grown ups act like little kids. About the actor Ryan Gosling he is originally from London Ontario but moved to Cornwall and was picked on in the schools in Cornwall and his mother removed him from the schools and home schooled him instead and I am for homeschooling all the way. So many good people are bullied in the schools these days. I have been through that as well when I was a child and so have my own children. Politics is the dirtiest thing to get into and nothing but backstabbing and ungrateful bunch of no goods. I cannot live that kind of a life.

  24. Jamie are you feeling alright. Do you really want to be mayor of Cornwall?I certainly would not wish all the hardships this position would create for you if you win this next election and become Cornwalls new Mayor.If you win do you really think the boys who run the show in Cornwall will ever let down?If you do, your only dreaming.Anyways i have talk to family and friends and we are ready to vote for you.Goodluck with your campaign

  25. It would take a humoungous miracle from God to change Cornwall. If the people themselves are not willing to change then nothing will ever change. All the people that I went to school with have left except for a very few who remained behind because of inheriting their father’s business or finding work in a hospital or somewhere or other because of their connections. Everybody else left and will never return. When I first came to Ottawa back in 75 and worked in the federal government the people just roared with laughter about Cornwall. Cornwall is so known to be just what it is and will never progress unless the people themselves change their ways of thinking and stop the Stockholm Syndrome that they all have. I have heard so much from neighbors and others when we lived in Cornwall and spoke like what Jamie does about having a very hard time to have a business in Cornwall and you all wonder why nobody invests in Cornwall. You are all intelligent enough to know why since most of you are living there. Nick Kaneb prevented a General Motors plant from establishing itself in Cornwall which would have brought more employment to the town. I learned that from a neighbor in Cornwall. All these so called “hyarchy” aka “evil archy” decide who is going to establish themselves in Cornwall and how much money that they can feather their pockets with that particular industry, restaurant, etc. going to Cornwall so their noses are stuck into everything and you all get the shaft. The taxes for both business as well as residential are outrageously high and no business wants to settle in a place like that. It sure would not be profitable to live and work in such a place. I have given you the truth and people from elsewhere see what Cornwall is about and pokes fun at the place and I can’t blame them one darn bit.

  26. Author

    marc change comes one act a time. When elected I will work towards that change. If there is resistance I will within legal parameters always go to the voters and public. I can tell you the public needs to be way more involved in the governing of our city. People can’t just sit back and go along for the ride. That’s how we got where we are with high taxes and scandals. That has to end.

  27. Jamie (Admin) Marc just told you something that is very true indeed. Did you go back and listen to what Mr. Finnerty said in that video that you have about the rich people in their limosines and the children of Cornwall that go to bed hungry. Listen to the video since the man made very good sense of it all. The clique runs the show and it has driven businesses out of Cornwall. Even what that man Leroux and someone else wrote about in Project Truth is the truth and much more that I know about and was not published. You would be shocked to know what all this is about. If only I had my innocence again that I lost at age of 8 knowing a lot of what was going on in Cornwall and to my class mates and I have never been the same since. I even told a priest at a high school that I attended that I was a protestant so as I can leave his religion class and I was suspect of him at the time. Well many years later in my adult hood (way into my adult hood) and reading about the project truth write up I came across his name a number of times and I sighed and said that I did the right thing to leave that class. Jamie I am so full of anger at the people for not seeing the truth around them and they are so very blind. I can’t change them nor can you and it takes themselves to wake up and see what is going on. I know so much and it is something that you will have to see for yourself. I cannot tell you what to do but you have to see it for yourself and I cannot wish you enough luck and I want you to see things for yourself but I sure don’t want you hurt because these people are mighty dangerous and I am not dreaming this up. I care for what happens to you and to the good people and I want you to be in the upmost careful of everything.

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