CRTF Warn Snowmobile Operators about Safety Hazard While Operating on Snowmobile Trails

rcmp rope bridge


CORNWALL Ontario –  The RCMP would like to warn snowmobilers of a serious safety hazard that was recently found on a local snowmobile trail.

Recently, members of the Cornwall Regional Task Force (CRTF) were conducting routine patrols on a trail in Bainsville, Ontario. As the members were approaching the Wood’s Creek Bridge, CRTF members noticed that a rope had been laid across the trail, suspended from the bridge overhead. Fortunately, members were able to avoid serious injury by ducking after the rope had made contact with the snowmobile.

From the members’ assessment, it is clear that the rope was intentionally positioned in such a fashion that any snowmobile operator going through this area could have been seriously hurt or killed. The members of the CRTF have cut down and have destroyed the rope to avoid any possibility of injury.

The CRTF would like to warn the snowmobiling public to be on the lookout for man-made devices that may seriously impact their safety. 

Brock Frost

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  1. Some sick people out there. I hope they catch who ever did this.

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