Is the PKP PQ Marriage Harper Fueled? by Jamie Gilcig March 11,2014

Is the PKP PQ Marriage Harper Fueled? by Jamie Gilcig March 11,2014

jg2CFN –  Quebec politics are akin to watching a game of 3 card Monte.   You think the shell is under the middle card….but.

The announcement of Quebecor Poobah Pierre Karl Peladeau as a Parti Quebecois candidate for Ste. Jerome is a boost for Madame Marois’ hopes of a Majority Separatist government in her Spring election, and it just might become that; but it also is a huge bonus to the current Harper government’s hopes of being elected again in 2015.

It puts a particular wedge between the Grits and Dippers as well.   Will Thomas Mulcair come out swinging against the PQ?   Will Justin Trudeau?   And if so will that take the media focus away from Senate Scandals and other failures of the Harper government?   Many Canadians will be urged in the media to ask who they’d want as PM to deal with the Separatists?

Mr. Peladeau is the biggest share holder of Quebecor which also owns Sun Media (and our local Standard Freeholder) ; TVA, and Videotron.  It is a one of the largest media companies in Canada.  PKP is refusing to sell his shares.  In comparison when I announced I was running for Mayor here in Cornwall I also announced that I am putting up my ownership position in CFN for sale, and I am not waiting to be elected.   We are actively searching for a buyer.

When Russian leader Vladimir Putin had to give up office and put his second in command, nobody was surprised and everyone knew who was still running the show.    Legally we can put up paper barriers, but does anyone not expect a strong, hawkish, and fearless media baron to have his own media properties do damage to his political aspirations?    Does anyone think communications would come on company stationery?

Who is on the board of Quebecor?  One Brian Mulroney; who while not being a huge Stephen Harper fan is still a Conservative.   Lucien Bouchard was also a Conservative.   The PQ have pretty much grown into the Conservative Party for Quebec provincially, an antithesis of the more Social Liberals.       Was it not the Harper Government laying down in the Federal government that allowed the Orange Crush to nearly bring down the Liberal party?

This back room political intrigue has major impacts in Quebec and Ontario in particular for 2015.  It also will stir up the natural dislike of Quebec from the West and unite the right against the Separatist threat to Canada.

As for Mr. Peladeau he wins no matter what as this is most likely his stepping stone to becoming Premier of Quebec and possibly a country of his own, and what Media Baron wouldn’t want that, especially since he’d also own the country’s media and internet services?

Of course it could backfire and the voters of Quebec may reject the PQ, Madame Marois, and PKP; but I wouldn’t bet the farm on that.

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The good news is that all this was announced early enough that some of those leaving Quebec or thinking of leaving might delay long enough to vote against the PQ.

What do you think Canada?  You can post your comments below.

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