Is the PKP PQ Marriage Harper Fueled? by Jamie Gilcig March 11,2014

jg2CFN –  Quebec politics are akin to watching a game of 3 card Monte.   You think the shell is under the middle card….but.

The announcement of Quebecor Poobah Pierre Karl Peladeau as a Parti Quebecois candidate for Ste. Jerome is a boost for Madame Marois’ hopes of a Majority Separatist government in her Spring election, and it just might become that; but it also is a huge bonus to the current Harper government’s hopes of being elected again in 2015.

It puts a particular wedge between the Grits and Dippers as well.   Will Thomas Mulcair come out swinging against the PQ?   Will Justin Trudeau?   And if so will that take the media focus away from Senate Scandals and other failures of the Harper government?   Many Canadians will be urged in the media to ask who they’d want as PM to deal with the Separatists?

Mr. Peladeau is the biggest share holder of Quebecor which also owns Sun Media (and our local Standard Freeholder) ; TVA, and Videotron.  It is a one of the largest media companies in Canada.  PKP is refusing to sell his shares.  In comparison when I announced I was running for Mayor here in Cornwall I also announced that I am putting up my ownership position in CFN for sale, and I am not waiting to be elected.   We are actively searching for a buyer.

When Russian leader Vladimir Putin had to give up office and put his second in command, nobody was surprised and everyone knew who was still running the show.    Legally we can put up paper barriers, but does anyone not expect a strong, hawkish, and fearless media baron to have his own media properties do damage to his political aspirations?    Does anyone think communications would come on company stationery?

Who is on the board of Quebecor?  One Brian Mulroney; who while not being a huge Stephen Harper fan is still a Conservative.   Lucien Bouchard was also a Conservative.   The PQ have pretty much grown into the Conservative Party for Quebec provincially, an antithesis of the more Social Liberals.       Was it not the Harper Government laying down in the Federal government that allowed the Orange Crush to nearly bring down the Liberal party?

This back room political intrigue has major impacts in Quebec and Ontario in particular for 2015.  It also will stir up the natural dislike of Quebec from the West and unite the right against the Separatist threat to Canada.

As for Mr. Peladeau he wins no matter what as this is most likely his stepping stone to becoming Premier of Quebec and possibly a country of his own, and what Media Baron wouldn’t want that, especially since he’d also own the country’s media and internet services?

Of course it could backfire and the voters of Quebec may reject the PQ, Madame Marois, and PKP; but I wouldn’t bet the farm on that.

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The good news is that all this was announced early enough that some of those leaving Quebec or thinking of leaving might delay long enough to vote against the PQ.

What do you think Canada?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Jaime said “The announcement of Quebecor Poobah Pierre Karl Peladeau as a Parti Quebecois candidate for Ste. Jerome is a boost for Madame Marois’ hopes of a Majority Separatist government in her Spring election, and it just might become that; but it also is a huge bonus to the current Harper government’s hopes of being elected again in 2015.”

    I hope you’re wrong. Canada does not need a Marois PQ majority. We’ve been down the referendum road too many times. How many times before they accept it isn’t going to happen? It’s best for Quebec to stay as part of Canada. My Canada includes Quebec. As Aristotle said “The whole is more than the sum of its parts.”

    As for Harper and his cronies…..hopefully Canadians wake-up and see what he is doing to Canada and vote their asses out in 2015.

  2. I am for Québec to have its French culture and strange kind of French language but not for being independent at all. Canada belongs to Britain and so does Australia and many other countries. There is no way that Québec can back out of the commonwealth. The best thing to happen is what former PM Pierre Trudeau did to send in the army before something dreadful happens. What happens in other countries may happen here in Canada. Harpoon Harpo is not good at all for Canada and is selling us out and has been for years.

  3. If and when Quebec seperate sooner or later they will. Like a marrage, when divorce is the only solution they will want there half that will be interesting.

  4. jules i totally disagree with you we are canadians we dont belong to nobody this quebec thing is our problem to solve not the UK

  5. Canada belongs to Britain? Seriously Jules… even you should know better than that.

  6. There is an old saying that “a country divided will fall” or something to those words.

    Furtz I mean what I say and yes Canada is part of the British Empire and the queen is head of state and that is why you see her face on the money and her picture put up in many places. You don’t see the queen’s face on other country’s money that is independent and the queen would not have any business in another country’s business if it were independent. Canada is not independent at all and that is the truth. We have our laws brought from the Magna Carta of England and we are part of the British Empire. Harpo called the queen when he wanted to close parliament for a while. If Obama wanted to close down his government he would not need the queen’s permission at all – not just now anyway. The people of the US would be out with their guns faster than you can say jimminey cricket after their government especially the state of Texas.

  7. Whatever you say Jules.

  8. Furtz I have something for you to read about the queen being head of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other places as well. Here is something to occupy yourself besides bewing up your spaghetti.

    I offered you some proof that Canada is not independent at all and if we were independent we would not have the queen’s picture hanging all over in city halls as well as some government areas and we would not have a governor general who replaces the queen being that she lives overseas. If we were truly sovereign then she nor her children or representatives would have no business here at all. Canada does belong to Britain as well as Australia, New Zealand and other countries and territories.

  9. Canada is part of the British Commonwealth, not the British Empire. There is a very big difference.

  10. Let them go, no one in Canada cares if they stay or go, this is especially true of those living west of Prescott

  11. @ GQO. That’s quite the sweeping BS statement. You’ve discussed this with every Canadian west of Prescott?

  12. @ Jules. The queen has only had symbolic “power” in Canada since Confederation. The only reason her mug appears on our money is because she looks better than Stephen Harper.

  13. Do the math.

    Quebec has been a have not province, dependent on transfer payments from the rest of the country ( as Ontario is now, thanks to an incompetent Liberal government that has added well over 100 billion dollars of debt in just short of a decade ). Quebec could not economically be independent of Canada anymore than Ontario could be.

    While Quebec has been an embarrassment to Canada on the world front ( even prior to the Bloc Party ) and there are certainly Canadians that would not shed a tear if the have not province went on its own, it is just not likely to happen.

    A majority separatist government is a very real possibility and likely the best thing that could happen in order that this divisive situation come to a head. Reality and dreamland would converge and the tide would change.

    When prodding and pushing becomes a shove, don’t be surprised if the rest of Canada shoves back and puts the bully in its place. When the dust settles will Quebec still have a seat at the table or will it voluntarily or otherwise take its act on down the independent road ?

    The hour glass I believe is about to run out.

  14. Furtz you are funny and I can’t stop laughing. Yes her mug shot even at her old age sure does look a great deal better than Stephen Harper. It is more than symbolic that the queen is head of state. The queen sent her grandson and his wife over to check on we Canadians to see if we are behaving. Australia and New Zealand and other countries are under the same system.

    The liberal government failed Ontario and both Ontario and Québec are have not provinces now. You would be surprised to see how many people are looking for work even among the well educated people like yourself. A great many of those engineering jobs are through employment agencies (contract work) and not permanent or full time.

  15. My husband was in the west 40 years ago and they hated the french then i think that was around the time Alberta joined Canada.And really if you look at the history of the french when have they not been hated in Canada.

  16. “silentfrancoamerican” I agree with you that the western parts of Canada hate the French and that is one of the main reasons why Québec wants to separate. Cornwall has a lot of French speaking people and they too are put down so you don’t need to go very far to read or hear the hatred against them. I am all for the French people keeping their heritage but not to separate from Canada. There is so much wrong with the people that they hate people even of their own culture. We have been through a lot and we know fully well about racism but when people knock another kind over race then they prove that they are ignorant. I have seen racism in my own family as well as difference in religion.

  17. This is weird, I’m agreeing with Jules AGAIN!! Should I call a doctor?? I find there is hatred for both official languages across Canada, it all depends where you are. Where we lived before moving to Cornwall the operating language of the village (and yes, this was in Ontario) was basically French, I’m unilingual English. There were times I would get attitude for speaking English. But after a while they learn you’re English and will deal with you in your native language As well, I got used to it and I just let it roll off my back. This happens in all the countries in the world. In the U.S. some people do not like African-Americans. It’s never going to change, all we can do is try and deal with it the best we can.

  18. @ silentfrancoamerican…..Alberta joined Confederation in 1905. So, I highly doubt your husband was in Alberta at that time.

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  20. N’est-il pas raisonnable de conclure que si la majorité des votes sont pour le NON c’est principalement attribuable au fait que les répondants sont de langue anglaise.

    Ajoutons également qu’avec les nombreux commentaires portant sur le rejet du Québec l’on ne peut que constater que la grande visite d’amour des anglophones lors du dernier référendum était un leurre et une tromperie.

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