The South Stormont News – Call for Local Contributors! March 21, 2014

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It’s always exciting to be a part of a new venture, and I am proud to say that I’ll be a part of the team starting The South Stormont News!

Community Newspapers are one of the few segments of media that are on the rise, and South Stormont Ontario is one of those communities whose growth makes it an ideal location to start one.

SSN will be published online 24/7 and in print once monthly to start and in full colour!

We are inviting local writers, artists, and photographers in South Stormont to contact us and be a part of the most anticipated media release in the region!    Do you want to cover your village or issue?  Email us at LINK or you can leave us a message at 855 444 1133

South Stormont News also has some special introductory offers for online advertising, and will have some amazing deals on Print ads in our first edition this Spring!

Shop Local, Read Local, Live Local!

You’ll be able to pick up your printed copy at retail locations and home delivery in certain parts of the Township.   Canada Post delivery will be available to subscribers as well!

So what are the things you’d like most to see in your community newspaper South Stormont?  Post your comments below and be entered into a chance for a free one year subscription to The South Stormont News!

Celebrate South Stormont


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