The Naked Face Cornwall Ontario Facebook Group Hits 3,000 Members – March 20, 2014

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We are women, not objects. We come in all colours, shapes and sizes. We have minds, feelings and savvy. We are queens not peasants. We deserve to be accepted as we are, not as what society wants us to be. We demand respect!

That’s the opening of a local facebook group in Cornwall called The Naked Face.   Our former host of The Vagina Hour on Seaway Radio, Marina Restinetti started it.   The former journalist, now proud momma of a infant, and amazing barmaid is showing some initiative in helping women show themselves without make up.

It’s amazing how much most of the women look sans war paint, and you can see from their words how emotional the experience is for them.  Having lived and worked in cities like Montreal, Toronto, and LA I’ve seen some of the emotional landscape that women put themselves through to compete with other women and to make themselves happy when they look in the mirror.

The psychology of make up is incredible all to itself.  The multi billion dollar industry gets its start when little girls play with make up and is something that is a ritual that lasts into their Golden years.

I know we men generally do not wear make up as such; but I think the sentiment is something that goes far deeper than some lippy.   To me it’s about being ourselves, wrinkles and all.     It’s not just the aesthetics, but it’s deeper, spiritual, and while it may be a dream just imagine a world where we could all be ourselves and live in our own skins without trying to achieve ideals that most will sadly never achieve.

Today, the women of Cornwall and area have laid it on the line and posted thousands of pictures of themselves, some multi-generational even and as you scan through it’s pretty amazing stuff.

Will you post your Naked Face in the Group?  CLICK HERE for the LINK to the group and if you post your pic here on CFN we will enter your name into a random draw for a  gift card to the very YUMMY Moon’s Japanese & Thai Sushi Bar and Buffet!

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  1. I don’t wear make up and haven’t put on the war paint in more years than I can remember. I am allergic to make up and perfume and many other things. I look younger than a lot of people who are my age. When I see people on CFN that I know from school they look so very old compared to myself. Make up is just chemicals that are harmful and so is perfume. I would rather go around with the few wrinkles that I have – mostly laugh lines – than to make up someone that I am not at all. I am who I am and nothing more.

  2. I have personally been affronted with the heretofore unseen ravaged faces of old woman of 50 around my age and say for the love of all humanity…”Put the makeup back on for the sake of the children and little animals.”

  3. This is a good thing so long as it doesn’t get too weird. Society is already having so many other issues such as gay rights and bullying forced upon them by media. Before anyone rears back and gets all mad and stuff I will let you know I really don’t care about your sexual preference so long as you like red wine have lots and like intellectual and stimulating conversations.
    If you are being bullied well that is a whole other story a good slap upside the head of the instigator and the people only watching is the simple solution.

    Oh my god just leave others alone and enjoy your own life!!
    (sorry for the rant)

    I still wear make up on occasion and I do enjoy it. It maybe a confidence issue or lack there if. But it is my choice and I do not feel the need to compare myself to others. It is a bit shallow.

    Some of the movie stars are taking a bit of a challenge to many advertising agencies and producers for making them out to be more shapely then they truly are. I applaud them for their efforts as O do with this face book venture.

    keep fighting the good fight and just respect each other and most of all maybe grow some skin

    if I may inject a bit of humor into your post respectfully, I have read some of your posts and I must say it seems You wear some form of war paint depending on the topic of discussion (no disrespect meant)

  4. Oddly enough after posting here, I found this article on another news paper webpage

    “The Planet Fitness gym in Richmond, California is standing behind their dress code policy after one member claimed that she was told to put a shirt over her intimidatingly toned body.”

    Doesn’t matter what we do there is just no winning *has to laugh*

  5. Hailey you are right about me wearing war paint (war path is more like it) when it comes to my discussions and yes it is true and not insulting to me. I don’t wear make up and my daughter cannot either since a long time since she has problems (psoriasis) and breaks out so she is who she is and she too wears her war paint even at home (war path at times). LOL LOL. I do get very upset at times (at times???? – many times) and I don’t always show how upset that I really am and if people only knew. There are too many conflicts of interest and that is the problem in Cornwall. They have some good ideas and then screw everything up with things that can impend danger on the public without realizing what they are doing. One cannot wear two hats like what the town clerk is doing – you are either a lawyer or a clerk and choose which one you are and you cannot do both.

  6. Author

    Jules Ms Finn for the record is only a lawyer in Quebec. She is only the clerk in Cornwall. However her being a lawyer certainly endows her with skills in writing up documents like perhaps the one in this story.

  7. Thanks Jamie for letting me know. Ms. Finn is licenced in Québec as a lawyer but not for Ontario. It is a well written document.

  8. I’m ugly, and I know it. So ugly in fact, that I have grown a long thick coat of hair from head to toe in order to shield humanity, as well as animals, from my hideous looks. So, if this summer, you see a Sasquatch-looking guy riding by on a blue Kawasaki Ninja, give me a wave, and be thankful that I completely haired-over.

  9. I wear makeup not a lot and only when going out and I am nearly 70… I do not wear foundation per se.. Mineral powder, mineral powder blush of course eye liner and lip stick.. I do not think of it as war paint and I have been told I look like I am in my 50’s… and go to that page the Naked face and most of the folks profile photos they are wearing make up.. Nothing wrong with taking good care of my skin and wearing “Pur Mineral” make up products..

  10. I guess if this effort eventually helps raise money for charity it’s a good thing. Excellent! But does it really show a woman’s “courage” to go without makeup; Does it really advance peoples’ knowledge about what causes cancer? And the naked face without sunscreen (which contain components found in cosmetics) is at risk for DNA damage, a proven cause of cancer.

    Also, If this cause is so important, why is the the local Facebook page a locked/closed group?

    The amazing barmaid may wish to stop and think. The alcohol she’s serving is a known risk factor associated with several cancers: breast, oral cavity, larynx, esophagus, liver colon and rectum. Whereas cosmetics make the list of cancer organizations’ lists of things people wrongly believe cause cancer.

  11. There are so many things that cause cancer that they are too numerous even to post but makeup and perfumes are one source, even fleecy and such products that you use to soften clothes are carcegens, even the GMO foods that we eat, the air that we breathe, the water we drink, etc. Makeup may change a person’s looks but over time with everyday use the skin becomes damaged. Take the makeup off those celebrities and many look horrifying. I am who I am and won’t change a thing. I take care of my skin but don’t use all the garbage on it and I look younger than my years. I am 63 and look like my 50’s. I rarely ever used make up in my entire life and don’t intend to.

  12. One more thing that I wanted to touch on and that is at 63 years old I have never dyed my hair not even once and I have the same color of hair as I had from way back when I was young. I have some gray here and there and it looks more like a bit of highlights that many women would love and the gray in me doesn’t show up much and I am lucky for some odd reason. The kind of hair that I have nobody in my family has ever gone without having to dye it. Hair dyes also cause cancer. There is so much out there including the chemicals that we use for cleaning.

  13. geez Jules you sound like you are just a natural beauty. I am going to be 70 in a short time and yes I have had cancer, lost all my hair was not supposed to be here today but I won the battle so far, color my hair and try to put my best foot forward every day.. I am grateful for each day…

  14. Jane Doe I am far from being beautiful and never said that I was. I said that I don’t use anything on my face or hair or anywhere else. I am lucky at the age of 63 for how I look and believe me nobody in my family has been that lucky. With very little gray hair I look more like the late 40’s and not more than the early 50’s. My only problem is that I have gained weight and I have to shed those pounds since this winter has been miserable and we couldn’t get out to walk as usual.

  15. Jane Doe about cancer survivor good for you and keep up the good work. My mother had breast cancer and lived to age 81 years. Cancer runs on my side of the family as well as my husband’s as well as heart, stroke, diabetes, etc. including alzheimers and everything is a battle in life. My husband’s eldest niece who is only 40 has juvenile diabetes and had bone cancer and she too is a survivor of both and I heard from family members that there is not one complaint from her and that she just keeps on trudging away. She is working as a lawyer’s assistant and has no time to complain in such a very busy office and is of that character that is strong and just keeps on going even in pain. She too lost her hair to chemo and had to get a wig until her hair grew back. We all have our problems Jane.

  16. I really do not have any problems Jules sorry.. I concentrate more on living and what I eat no I am not slim but I eat good foods and buy good food or free range products etc… I do not eat things with nitrates etc… but I am not perfect but I do not have any problems…

  17. We eat very good food around here Jane Doe and just last week we bought a whole fish at $16. and our freezer is full of food as well as the fridge. We don’t eat frozen foods but we eat fresh veggies and all kinds of good things. I look young for my age and that is something that my husband told me as well. I have to tell you something Jane and that is one day a couple of years ago my daughter and I were at the hair dressers. One of the hair dressers thought that my daughter and I were sisters. My daughter was insulted wondering why she would be so old and it was a real compliment for me. I couldn’t help laughing my head off in the beauty salon and till this day I am still laughing here on this end to tell you what had happened. The lady apologized to us after that happened and I took her two hands and held them saying no problem at all that she paid me a nice compliment. She is an Italian lady and a good lady and it made my day.

  18. Jane Doe part of the luck in beating cancer is having a positive outlook on your health and not get all stressed out. Stress causes cancer and other diseases. My husband’s brother has diabetes and when we called him last week he said that he gave up driving altogether.

    I am not going to win no beauty contest by any means and that is the truth and I am not going to paint myself up since it ages the skin. I was paid a nice compliment a few years ago.

    My family has been after me to lose weight and I only gained it this year since the weather has been miserable and ice all over the place and my daughter and I fell a number of times just going to shop nearby. I will not attempt walking in the park until all this snow and ice is gone. I miss my walk very much.

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