Wynne Government Blinks – Kemptville Ag College May Fall Under St.Lawrence & Algonquin Colleges

lindaCOWCFN – The Kemptville Agricultural program has a glimmer of hope.  Today, after much community pressure; especially from Conservative members in the region the Wynne government blinked and Minister Brad Duguid issued the following statement late Friday.


I am pleased to hear that St. Lawrence College and Algonquin College have responded to my request to seek solutions to retain programs currently delivered at the Kemptville campus. I am looking forward to continuing to work with Grant Crack, MPP for Glengarry-Prescott-Russell and Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Agriculture and Food, as well as local community leaders to find a solution that works for the Eastern Ontario agricultural community.


I also want to thank those involved with the Kemptville College Renewal Task Force for coming together to work towards ideas and solutions to this challenge. We are very pleased in the progress made in addressing the challenge at the Alfred Campus and we are hopeful that similar solutions can be found for Kemptville. MPP Grant Crack and I look forward to the continued cooperation of all stakeholders in meeting the needs of the local community.

CFN in an earlier story posited that Cornwall would benefit from the demise of the two ag schools.  LINK

The bigger question is why all this late last minute heroics?  Surely a well run government would know about these issues in advance and negotiate with stakeholder without stressing the students and those connected to the schools in question?  Is this just dollar shuffling?

The good news for Ontario hopefully is that the generations of Eastern Ontario Farmer’s will be able to attend schools their tax dollars have supported and not have to travel hundreds of kilometrers.

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  1. What in this don’t you understand? The government didn’t announce the closure of the Kemptville site of the University of Guelph. The University of Guelph did, and why can you not understand this scenario?? Thankfully, you have a provincial government that is working to find solutions, with its college partners. Thank you Minister Duguid and thank you MPP Grant Crack.

  2. Author

    Who funds the University of Guelph Mr Brown?

  3. Oh my, really J Brown “Thankfully, you have a provincial government that is working to find solutions, with its college partners. Thank you Minister Duguid and thank you MPP Grant Crack.” Really? The only positive spin is from the locals who care and are doing something!

    Just over 9% of Ontario revenue is going to service the debt, spending on health UP 7% and education 10%.
    As the article points out or asks, working on a problem (they made) after the issue is public is not the provincial government helping.

    Other spending programs are UP 6%, hydro rates expected to rise 40%, so sure, “Thank you Minister Duguid and thank you MPP Grant Crack.”

  4. Mr. Editor,

    Who is the lady doing the milking, she looks familiar ? Just wondering ?

  5. Author

    Bebe I do believe that’s former OPG poobah Linda Halliday?

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