MPP Steve Clark MPP Grant Crack & Minister Brad Duguid Visit Kemptville Agriculture College for Review – March 26, 2014

Steve Clark MPP
Leeds Grenville MPP Steve Clark

CFN – It’s odd how politics and politicians work?  Tuesday a group including MPP Steve Clark from Leeds-Grenville, MPP Grant Crack and Minister Brad Duguid attended Kemptville to review the facility, after, it was announced to be closed.

With a solution in place for the Francophone Alfred Campus MPP Clark has led a group to save Kemptville or at least keep the programming in Eastern Ontario.

MPP Clark gave CFN the following statement this morning;

“I was pleased Minister Duguid accepted my invitation to come to Kemptville and tour the campus. He had an opportunity to speak with students and teachers and gain a better understanding of the success of these programs and why we must maintain access to them here in Eastern Ontario. I’m confident his visit also demonstrated to him how critical it is to ensure a new class of students arrives at the campus in September as the Kemptville Campus Revitalization Task Force continues to lead the process of developing a long-term solution.”

Minister Duguid’s statement from Tuesday;

“This morning I visited the Kemptville campus with MPPs Grant Crack and Steve Clark to meet students and see first-hand the unique programs offered. Following our tour we met with Dr. Claude Naud from the University, Mayor David Gordon and the municipal Chief Administrative Officer Brian Carré to discuss potential solutions for the continuation of programs. We look forward to finding a solution that meets the needs of the students and agricultural sector of Ontario.“

Question Minister Duguid; why not have visited the campus prior to your government shutting down the Agriculture program?  Is this reshuffling of the ed dollars simple partisan politics at play?

What do you think dear viewers of CFN?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. This is an entirely new approach for Clark. He’s normally in attack mode, like his boss.
    Nice to see that he’s growing up a bit.

  2. This is good news. What McGuinty #2 should do is cut on her own salary instead as well as those in her league and then we can really save money.

  3. @ Jules. The premier of Ontario is Kathleen Wynne. McGuinty stepped down over a year ago.

  4. Yes Furtz, but we refer to Wynne as Mcguinty #2 or McGuinty Jr. as she is continuing his legacy of overspending, no accountability and ignorance.

  5. Whatever you say Hugger. Any idea where Hudak has been hiding these days? I thought he’d be all over this college closing issue.

  6. Author

    Furtz I think the party has taken my and a lot of people’s advice and are hiding their leader til election time. I’ve never seen an election where each of the party leaders is a negative on voters with Ms Horwath being the least of the worst.

  7. You are probably correct Jamie. The problem for the Cons is that sooner or later they will have to let the weaselly guy out into the sunlight. I bet they are dreading that moment, for good reason.

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