Walsh Pressure Cleaning Responds To Calls From Boycotters of CFN – March 26, 2014

walshCORNWALL Ontario – As many of our loyal viewers and subscribers know CFN has been the victim of a conspiratorial boycott that leads all the way, as many believe, to Queen’s Park and the Wynne Government?

In many ways it’s worse than the Rob Ford boycott of the Toronto Star; but we have our occasional moment, and have hung on these two plus years.   We’ve doubled out traffic and are the most read newspaper in the region; but have been cut off from advertising from the Province, Provincial Agencies, Schoolboards, Cornwall Chamber of Commerce, Team Cornwall, local charities, as pretty much there is so much inter connectivity it’s like being in The Stepford Wives!

One of the reasons we hang on is because of some of the incredible people that live, work and play in our great city.  Yes, there have been some clients like Lawyer Milena Cardinal that have capitulated to the cliques (instead of telling the truth) after her conversation with monkeys like Nicholas MacNaughton, but then there are very special tough Cape Breton people like Wyatt Walsh of Walsh Pressure Cleaning and his mom Patricia.

It was his mom that first elbowed Wyatt to advertise with us, and that led to us working together on Beavergate here in Cornwall when the City had actual Conibear Kill traps in Guindon Park, a nature park at path entrances where dogs, kids, and illiterate politicians were in danger.

So when the Walsh’s heard that they were mentioned in a hate group on facebook they were shocked and then Ms Walsh temper flared which is never a good thing as she’s one feisty woman I’d never want to be on the wrong side of!

Elections are coming of course and everything changes.  CFN still rolls out the news and uncovers some truths that some would prefer not be shared, but then, that’s why you read us.  It’s a strange irony; but I think it’s more reflective of the business culture and leadership of Cornwall than we at CFN.

Thanks to Wyatt and his Mom Patricia for being brave and speaking up instead of simply withdrawing.  With the business climate in Cornwall we need more people less afraid to cower to cliques so we can grow!




  1. I congratulate the Walsh family and every word that they said was the absolute truth. You showed that you are a good and honest people. Jamie is the best reporter in Cornwall and the rats that are in the toilet paper of record – SF and that dirty Seaway News which is the junior toilet paper of record makes no sense at all except to line a bird cage, wash your windows or train your puppy or use as mulch in your garden but nothing in the way of news. I live in Ottawa and am from Cornwall and every word that these two people have said is the absolute truth. I couldn’t add in any better than what they did. The rats are scared and they do circle the wagons and it frightens the others down there and nobody should be scared of anybody else. “Fear no man only fear God”. All the best to the Walsh family.

  2. Knowing you Wyatt is an honour and a privilege. Continued success in all of your endeavours!

  3. I love CFN it’s the only source I come to for local news. As for the haters on Facebook one word…Karma!

  4. It is kind of amazing the amount of energy that crew put into patting each other on the back
    for the same types of comments over and over
    Last week they had a picture of a guy lying drunk claiming it was cfn
    Three days later they are screaming about a facebook photo of one of them
    It is all very strange
    Then u have the others like stellabystarlight who posted here until u had to give your name
    now she is making comments against cfn over at the freeholder wow
    what a double standard
    They also rail against the spelling of last names all the while the facebook horserider uses one name there and another last name on a newly created account at SF
    i will stop before getting to one of them that posts about spotting people like she is a spy or something
    its all very strange

  5. atta boy Wyatt. sing it loud and sing it clear.
    like yourself, business has made me a publicly known figure.and like yourself, and JG, i don’t follow the common road. we prefer one less traveled .
    up until a year ago i had no interest in politics or any personal involvement, then one afternoon, something caught my eye, a comment by a friend had sent me into a rant about what was transpiring, their reply was, well check this guy out on CFN, so i did.
    since then i have my morning coffee reading his editorials, rarely a dull moment. i prefer to follow his coverage of the political scene more so than sports, so i have a better outlook on whats happening in our community.
    i celebrated my first common protest this year in the stance against the TANKS, NO TANKS, i still wear the button proudly.
    i stand with JG on his position in stopping the demolition of the WING, the position of city hall and its corporate welfare and the support of local business people.
    transparency between local government and the public is probably the greatest issue, and is first and foremost on my mind.
    lowering taxes could be a problem, but holding them where they are, and doing some financial juggling could offer a different end result.
    polling the public in matters that effect us is the way of the future,,, not a closed door vote

    to clarify; i am John A. Rothwell, just so theres no mistakes in the spelling. and i know who i will vote for !!!

    do you?

  6. It could happen to any of us and we should all keep it in mind. Angry mobs form when we want to lay blame for whatever’s making us uncomfortable, afraid or even paranoid. And when a mob identifies what it “believes” is the cause (consider the Salem Witch Hunt) such as an individual, like Jamie, or a group ( CFN advertisers), the mob rationalizes its attacks are somehow justified. It’s interesting that the local angry mob (remember: the mob named itself) now self-describes as a fun group discussing local news, sports and events.

    Thank you for being a smart and brave businessman and community leader, Mr. Walsh. Good man and great Mom for focussing on the positive…taking care of your customers.

  7. Good for Walsh Pressure Cleaning for not caving to the mob mentality and pressure (no pun intended).

  8. Small Town stories

    On the other side of the Internet debate is the administrator of the “Dr. PJ Pace — The truth?” Facebook page.

    She said she set up the online forum to support a close friend who told her he had been abused by Pace. She said she did not want to be identified because that would make it too easy to learn her friend’s identity.

    She said she felt she needed to set up the site after the effusive praise that followed Pace’s death. “He may have been a great man to other people but these victims need closure,” she said.

  9. Mr. Walsh you have a trade and when people have trades they can work anywhere unlike people with a profession or just some job. Always be positive about yourself and you have a strong and intelligent mom. Your mom said it best and she described it like the “wild wild west” like it truly is and like the Dukes of Hazard and Peyton Place. Cornwall is too small and it is like living on a farm or village but worse when you have the Mafioso in charge. Jamie is the best that hit town and is telling you all the truth whereas the dynasore media of Cornwall “the toilet papers of record – SF and that other piece of crap – Seaway News does not give you any info except for disinfo and people swallow it hook, line and sinker. I do not go to any paper except Jamie’s CFN and I would never go anywhere else because Jamie tells it like it is. Nobody else will give you the truth because they are all bought and paid for and get their info from the same source known as the dinausauer media which is on its way out.

  10. reminiscent of clint eastwoods character portrayal in The Good The Bad And The Ugly, its easy to see who is the starring character in this show, and we all know who the bad guys are being played by, but the ugly?
    the ugly is the fact that until a short period of time past, if i were to want to read any current information about cornwall, i was forced to read the sun news. those days “they” (the sun) didn’t hold back on newsworthy articles, drug busts, smuggling, illegal aliens, murders, they were all news in the sun and usually had a lot to do with cornwall, and although i would search the cornwall “rag” (as we used to call it) there was rarely coverage of any of those stories.
    was the media being toned down by local aristocrats?
    wake up this is not shangrilah, are we trying to paint a pretty picture of cornwall where everyones happy all the time?
    Cornwall Free News has been exemplary in its ability to out the reality of whats going on in our city, while the others hide beneath the skirts of disinformation and diminished interest in an opaque city of corruption. thank you Jamie for your truth in reporting, for routing it out and opening our eyes

  11. Mr. Rothwell you wrote an excellent piece just now and you are completely right. I remember my own parents said that way back there was some sort of a cartoon type of a display in the “toilet paper of record – SF” and it depicted Cornwall as the “town of idle men” that everyone was living on welfare. That is exactly what Cornwall is renowned for as well as smuggling cigarettes, drugs, guns, alcohol and even the smuggling of people. Cornwall made international headlines in Time Magazine back in 1993 about its smuggling and got the name of “smugglers alley”. Nice reputation isn’t it and that is exactly what the people have given themselves and that stigma remains for life. Then came Willie and he really put the stink in Cornwall by stealing people’s money from investments out of some money laundering scheme to line his own pockets and now his pockets are empty sitting in a jail cell. Things are not up to Jamie alone if he becomes mayor of Cornwall it takes a good, hard working team to have vision. Yes education is key and also the people have to have self esteem in themselves and get rid of the “STOCKHOLM SYNDROME” and you can look that one up Mr. Rothwell on the net to know what that means. That is exactly what the people of Cornwall are like and it is about time that they change. No business will want to go down to a place where the people are like prisoners and have no education at all and only welfare recipients. People shy away from places with a very bad reputation. Even those who venture into Cornwall as businesses or people who just want to settle there do not stay very long and uproot themselves for better. It is up to the people to change and throw those bums out of town. Nobody else can do that for you and Jamie is just helping to show you what dirt has been swept under the rug for all to see.

  12. I sort of agree with Jules here. But have a few points. The Time magazine infamy is over 20 years ago. Time to move on from that.

    As for smuggling any town, city, village with close proximity to the border and / or waterway will have that. If they don’t do it here, if they’re shutdown, etc. they just move it to another town, city, village.

  13. Debbie Cameron…I’d love to join your FaceBook group. But I use a pseudonym for a reason, Jamie knows the reason. Thus I cannot join any groups using my real name. Basically it’s due to my wife working for one of the local municipalities. I’ve criticized the local politicians on here and on other media websites. I don’t think she should suffer repercussions due to my voicing my opinion. And we all know that cliques exist and if you (or a spouse, friend, etc.) speak out against the local politicians repercussions will happen and swiftly.

  14. I sure can see Hugger’s position and I agree with him on that. When I went on facebook years ago it wasn’t anything political and people would just argue and put people down for no reason. I have seen it on the forums that I would go on. When you are fully exposed with your own name it is much worse if you live in that community. I have turned myself off completely of ever going back to Cornwall. The days of me working is finished and my children are the future along with all the young people today. The young are going to have to face a terrible future if things do not change for the better. The vast majority of the young are going to face the challenge of having to leave Cornwall for other places and this is what I had to face many long years ago and not to my choosing but because I had no other choice and so did many other people had to face the same fate. Cornwall has to make a 360° turnaround for anything positive to come out of this because otherwise things will remain in the dumps. Jamie is an excellent person and would make an excellent mayor but Jamie alone is not the only solution. Everyone in Cornwall has to help Jamie and this is the truth. You want a better Cornwall to live in you all have to come to the plate and do something positive. Cornwall has become many times worse than what it was 40 years ago. Debbie you and your family care deeply for Cornwall and that is good and trying to instill the good into your young son but that little boy is going to face a terrible future if things are not turned around for the better.

  15. It’s time to turn Cornwall around, do a 180º turn from where it is now. If we did a 360º as Jules suggested we’d be right back where we started. Not a good idea. Make changes now and keep the younger generations here now and forever.

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