Walsh Pressure Cleaning Responds To Calls From Boycotters of CFN – March 26, 2014

walshCORNWALL Ontario – As many of our loyal viewers and subscribers know CFN has been the victim of a conspiratorial boycott that leads all the way, as many believe, to Queen’s Park and the Wynne Government?

In many ways it’s worse than the Rob Ford boycott of the Toronto Star; but we have our occasional moment, and have hung on these two plus years.   We’ve doubled out traffic and are the most read newspaper in the region; but have been cut off from advertising from the Province, Provincial Agencies, Schoolboards, Cornwall Chamber of Commerce, Team Cornwall, local charities, as pretty much there is so much inter connectivity it’s like being in The Stepford Wives!

One of the reasons we hang on is because of some of the incredible people that live, work and play in our great city.  Yes, there have been some clients like Lawyer Milena Cardinal that have capitulated to the cliques (instead of telling the truth) after her conversation with monkeys like Nicholas MacNaughton, but then there are very special tough Cape Breton people like Wyatt Walsh of Walsh Pressure Cleaning and his mom Patricia.

It was his mom that first elbowed Wyatt to advertise with us, and that led to us working together on Beavergate here in Cornwall when the City had actual Conibear Kill traps in Guindon Park, a nature park at path entrances where dogs, kids, and illiterate politicians were in danger.

So when the Walsh’s heard that they were mentioned in a hate group on facebook they were shocked and then Ms Walsh temper flared which is never a good thing as she’s one feisty woman I’d never want to be on the wrong side of!

Elections are coming of course and everything changes.  CFN still rolls out the news and uncovers some truths that some would prefer not be shared, but then, that’s why you read us.  It’s a strange irony; but I think it’s more reflective of the business culture and leadership of Cornwall than we at CFN.

Thanks to Wyatt and his Mom Patricia for being brave and speaking up instead of simply withdrawing.  With the business climate in Cornwall we need more people less afraid to cower to cliques so we can grow!



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