Do We Really Care About Healthcare in Ontario? by Jamie Gilcig – April 1, 2014

Do We Really Care About Healthcare in Ontario?   by Jamie Gilcig – April 1, 2014

jg2CORNWALL Ontario – There’s a picture of Elaine MacDonald leading a march down Pitt Street over the health accord in today’s Freeholder.

Ms MacDonald must have liked our march over the Chem tanks last month as she’s imitated it; but there are a couple of very scary issues at play.

First off Healthcare is one of, if not, the most important factor in Canadians lives.  You can have all the money as Steve Jobs discovered, but if you are sick nothing much separates us.

Of course money can lead to greater care, but thanks to Tommy Douglas Canada created the first and largest Medicare plan in the World, and something that has been the model for many countries since.

Sadly over the last four decades we’ve seen Medicare erode from Province to Province where you now have places in Quebec and Alberta (as well as the other provinces; just not to the same degree) offering a lot of medical services in the Private market place.    The optics of Private medicine are scary.  There simply is no way to save money on services with an extra layer of profit involved.

Insurance companies,drug companies, Unions, and many other lobby groups have tilted the balance and yes, some narrow focused health services offer faster service for cash; but then they don’t have to carry more expensive or less profitable services that skew the optics; but these clinics are not solutions.  They simply are bandaids to an artificially handicapped system.

When I was a young’un back in the 60’s I had a family doc.   I’m lucky I’ve had the same personal doctor since 1984; but he will be retiring soon.   I haven’t had a “real” personal doctor since moving to Ontario in 2003.  I’m lucky that I have a semi-official one although I still venture back to Montreal for my “old doc” who stopped taking patients nearly ten years ago!

I’ve covered health care issues here in Cornwall for five years and frankly the turn out for events is gruesome.  Watching Elaine MacDonald and about a dozen others; mostly part of her local NDP team like Paul Aubin is sad.   While it’d be easy for me to lay the blame on Ms MacDonald for being petty and incompetent the sad truth is that even if she wasn’t people just don’t seem to care about healthcare until they are the ones that need it, and that is usually too late.

With the ten year Federal accord over and no replacement in sight Provincial governments will be further strapped for health care budgets; something that will impact all of us.

I think it’s done to help push certain agendas to eventually privatize health care like our neighbors to the South which would be a huge failure for our Country.   There is no need to destroy Medicare except for the bottom lines of drug and insurance companies.

It simply doesn’t benefit you or I.   So the question is why do our elected officials seem so dead set on allowing this to happen?

Do you care about healthcare?   You can post your comment below.

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