Have You Seen This Dog in the Lancaster Area? Karma is Missing – REWARD – April 5, 2014

karma reward

Have you seen this dog?

Her mom & dad desperately want her home!

Karma info

They have combed the areas from Lancaster, Alexandria, Williamstown, and through the Quebec Border  on Highway Two, en route  they have met quite a few people that have told them that their dogs have been abducted.

The dog has been reported missing to the local OPP detachment.


At the bar on the Quebec border, a man told them that  he knows of 10 missing dogs at this time .  They met a woman in a convenience store who also told me her pincer is missing.  The owners were also told about  allegations that there are people picking up dogs to bring them to puppy mills in Quebec and that if the dogs have a micro chips or are fixed they are tossed; otherwise they are used for breeding purposes.

Cornwall has also had reports of people claiming that their dogs have been snatched.   Has this happened to you?  Email CFN at info@cornwallfreenews.com and we’ll be updating this story and the potential of dog nappers in our area.

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