Toronto MP Peter Tabuns Asks BC Preme to Give Laura Miller Time Off to Testify in Gas Plant Scandal

ptabunsAApril 4, 2014


The Honourable Christy Clark,

Premier of British Columbia

BC Liberal Party
PO Box 21014, Waterfront Centre
Vancouver, BC V6C 3K3



Dear Premier Clark,


For over a year, we in Ontario have been working to get to the bottom of Ontario’s $1.1 billion gas plants scandal, and the subsequent cover-up. The province’s Standing Committee on Justice, Auditor-General, and Information and Privacy Commissioner have all conducted investigations that found the Ontario Liberals misled the public about the cost of the scandal, and that there was an attempted cover up. Over a year ago, the Ontario Provincial Police were called to investigate the illegal destruction of emails and the wiping of computers.


In the course of this investigation, the Ontario Provincial Police Anti-Rackets Squad has attempted to interview Ms. Laura Miller, regarding her role and recollection of these events. As you may be aware, the Anti-Rackets investigator’s warrants indicate Ms. Miller and her partner Peter Faist have critical information about the wiping of computers in the Premier’s Office.


Yesterday in the Standing Committee on Justice, OPP Detective Constable Andre Duval confirmed that Ms. Miller has not been interviewed by investigators. However, Ms. Miller’s lawyer is quoted in media reports saying that she is willing to co-operate with the investigation.


Given that Detective Constable Duval was clear that Ms. Miller has not provided any sort of statement to investigators, we now have a strong reason to believe that important information pertaining to the Liberal gas plant scandal and cover up has not yet been shared.


In the interest of getting answers for Ontarians about the waste of over $1 billion in this gas plants scandal, Ms. Miller is being called to testify to Ontario’s Standing Committee on Justice.


To ensure we get to the bottom of this scandal and cover up, and to ensure that Ms. Miller can tell her side of the story, I would request that you give Ms. Miller time away from her role as Executive Director of the British Columbia Liberal Party to be interviewed by the Standing Committee on Justice Policy.



Kind Regards,


(original signed)
Peter Tabuns

MPP, Toronto-Danforth

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