Next Ontario Election Andrea Horwath’s to Lose by Jamie Gilcig April 4, 2014


CFN – There’s a good chance, the best ever actually; that within six months Andrea Horwath will be addressed as The Premier of Ontario.

Her future is in her own hands.  The scandals plaguing the McGuinty/Wynne government and the lack of leadership of Tim Hudak are her perfect storm.

Can she really afford to prop up Ms Wynne any longer?  With the multitude of baggage scandal wise surely she can’t afford to do the “Weekend at Bernie’s” Thing much longer without tainting herself?

The Liberals after all chose and embraced a status quo replacement after Mr. McGuinty fell on his own sword instead of distancing themselves or re-calibrating  their government which is heavy on arrogance and short on humility from this writer’s perspective and experience.

As for Mr. Hudak, his election loss will give the PC Party the opportunity to dump them.  So local PC supporters said many of their friends are more worried about him winning than losing.   His only real claim during his time as leader was in ripping down rather than building.   And some of those attacks will have long time ramifications in the Queen’s Park world down the line.

Many voters turned off by long time Liberal rule, insane hydro rates, Toronto centric policies, suggestion of raising gas prices, not eradicating the Clean Air Act and not reigning in the insurance industry in the province have created a perfect storm for the Middle Class, Working Poor, and those on fixed incomes.

Ms Horwath hasn’t really earned her chops yet, but she’s been smart enough to not step in dog pooh at this point and that’s a pretty smart thing.   Many voters will simply give her an X on the ballot as the least distasteful of the choices in the next election.

After her most likely win it will give the PC’s a chance to dump Hudak and the Liberals an opportunity to reconnect with the public from those paying the highest tax bills to small city editors like myself who supported them at one point; but will not under Ms Wynne or her team.

The question will the Liberal’s stay arrogant at that point or right their ship and try and cure their ills?

Of course things can change drastically and this is just a snapshot today, April 4, 2014.   Politics is never a calm ride.

What do you think Ontario?  You can post your comment below.

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