Next Ontario Election Andrea Horwath’s to Lose by Jamie Gilcig April 4, 2014


CFN – There’s a good chance, the best ever actually; that within six months Andrea Horwath will be addressed as The Premier of Ontario.

Her future is in her own hands.  The scandals plaguing the McGuinty/Wynne government and the lack of leadership of Tim Hudak are her perfect storm.

Can she really afford to prop up Ms Wynne any longer?  With the multitude of baggage scandal wise surely she can’t afford to do the “Weekend at Bernie’s” Thing much longer without tainting herself?

The Liberals after all chose and embraced a status quo replacement after Mr. McGuinty fell on his own sword instead of distancing themselves or re-calibrating  their government which is heavy on arrogance and short on humility from this writer’s perspective and experience.

As for Mr. Hudak, his election loss will give the PC Party the opportunity to dump them.  So local PC supporters said many of their friends are more worried about him winning than losing.   His only real claim during his time as leader was in ripping down rather than building.   And some of those attacks will have long time ramifications in the Queen’s Park world down the line.

Many voters turned off by long time Liberal rule, insane hydro rates, Toronto centric policies, suggestion of raising gas prices, not eradicating the Clean Air Act and not reigning in the insurance industry in the province have created a perfect storm for the Middle Class, Working Poor, and those on fixed incomes.

Ms Horwath hasn’t really earned her chops yet, but she’s been smart enough to not step in dog pooh at this point and that’s a pretty smart thing.   Many voters will simply give her an X on the ballot as the least distasteful of the choices in the next election.

After her most likely win it will give the PC’s a chance to dump Hudak and the Liberals an opportunity to reconnect with the public from those paying the highest tax bills to small city editors like myself who supported them at one point; but will not under Ms Wynne or her team.

The question will the Liberal’s stay arrogant at that point or right their ship and try and cure their ills?

Of course things can change drastically and this is just a snapshot today, April 4, 2014.   Politics is never a calm ride.

What do you think Ontario?  You can post your comment below.


  1. Lovely another NDP government. What a necessity in a province already sinking into endless dismal financial hole

    What will she bring more hidden surcharge fees for the general public to pay?

    or perhaps they will again reduce enrollment into health services

    Maybe more unions so we can again pay people more so corporations can leave the province to remain viable….

  2. I do fully support a need for a spring election to dump this have-not Liberal bunch at Queens Park but I also feel and expect Andrea to support the Wynne-less budget again to delay another election for whatever reason. If we do go to another provincial election I WILL NOT be voting for any party. I feel the party having the best person leader has the worst candidate locally and the party with the worst party leader has the best candidate running. My opinion.

  3. Not one of them are any good at all. We had turncoat Bob Rae who turned his back on the people that he was supposed to represent and got Ontario in a mess of problems and then went federal and became a turncoat. I don’t go for the party at all because they are all the same crap like what is happening in the US. I would much prefer to vote for the person and this time and from now on it will be NONE OF THE ABOVE FOR ME – NO VOTE.

  4. Pretty much everyone agrees that the Libs have to go. Almost as many agree that the Cons need a different leader to be fit to govern. Not sure why so many people are afraid of the Dippers. There have been lots of successful and responsible NDP governments in other provinces.

  5. Author

    Furtz I think as long as we have a minority government we should fare ok for the next bit.

  6. Your column pretty much sums up how I feel. Tim and his party had my vote and lost it. Kate and the Liberals never had it and haven’t shown that they want it. So Andrea and the NDP get it by default.

  7. Wouldn’t surprise me if the Cons choose one of the Ford brothers, probably Doug, to replace Hudak. They seem to have long-term death-wish going on. And that’s not really far fetched. Party big-wigs were actually eying up Doug to replace Tim until Robbie started acting up. They are a bright bunch, for sure.

  8. Mr Furtz
    I find it almost crazy how people continue to say Your Mr Jamie. It seems they will try almost anything to stop him printing the truth about area stories. Now they are even posting on Brockville website
    They have no idea that they are just making him and Cornwall Free News the most read source for news
    Maybe once Rob or Doug Ford replaces Hudak, the Cons will have a shot at ruling the province.
    Fedoraboy Gilcigh will be Mayor of Cornwall before that happens
    LOL He continues to send out cease and desist orders like they were flyers about a lost dog
    I haven’t had such a good laugh in years…
    My families business is nooooobys business…lol Mikey Clifton
    Pastor_FigNewton Furtz
    Come off it Mr Furtz
    You really mean when Rob Ford replaces Steve_O as PM
    There is just one thing I want to know
    is Mr Furtz really James Gilcig/Gilcigh??????

  9. Agreed Jamie. Unless the NDP royally screw-up we should have a new party as the government.

    I’ve always believed if you don’t vote you have no right to complain about what then politicians do. If you don’t participate in the process then don’t b**ch and chew. You could always make your ballot ineligible.

  10. IT make no diferent who run the government the bureaucrats runs the show call them and ask them a question like i did……… you get nowere

  11. thatthat being said cornwall is being run by the bureaucrats every one gets the job because they know some one stop this practice and things will change

  12. @ Claudette. I normally ignore them. But is is cool to have fans who follow me around. I wish they’d send me money, but I’m not holding my breath.

  13. Horwath/NDP are getting my vote for sure. I totally believe in equal opportunity corruption, and it’s their turn.

  14. How refreshing!
    Andrea has proven to be statesman-like to get an Office to monitor budget verity in a Liberal gov’t that has used public funds for their partisan convenience, and to get corporations to pay a fairer share of taxes.
    Queen’s Park needs a thorough Spring cleaning and the New Democrats are best positioned to undertake this essential task!

  15. When a party backs a openly corrupt government in order to further their own agenda then really are they any different. You are judged by the company you keep and jumping into bed with liars and thieves leaves you painted with the same brush. I wonder just how low an individual politician/party has to go before people realize that their ethics and practices have bottomed out? Unions and poor Liberal government management and corruption have brought down a once rich province. The NDP under Bob Rae dealt a potentially lethal blow and another NDP government could deliver the final knockout punch. They certainly have the lack of expertise to accomplish the task.

  16. If people understood finance they would realize that corporations to not pay taxes technically speaking. The consumer funds all costs of doing business. When ignorant individuals think that corporations should pay more taxes what they are failing to realize is that the corporation simply passes the costs of doing business back onto the consumer and ultimately you end up with inflation. Heck if you want to pay more for everything you need vote NDP. If you like a bent over position vote Liberal and if you prefer a fractured party chasing its own tail, leaderless, vote Conservative. Bottom line, the majority really do not care which is why our system is chosen by a minority and our version of democracy is in crisis. Read this again in a few years and tell me I was wrong. I sincerely hope that I am.

  17. My vote will be cast for Tim Hudak / Ms Wynne has to go /
    She has been kept in office by Back Door deals by the NDP
    looking out for their own interest.

  18. Yes David, the socialist hordes will descend and destroy everything in their path! And the sky will surely fall, leaving the whole of Ontario a smoldering wasteland! One only has to look at Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, all of which are virtually uninhabitable, and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Be afraid… very afraid!

  19. Hopefully the NDP gets wise and stops propping up acting Premier Kathleen Wynne and her Fiberal gov’t. An election would truly be different in Ontario this time around.

  20. Mr Jamie:
    Lets just hope Andrea doesn’t pull out a star candidate like Pierre-Karl Peladeau
    For some strange reason I like Canada the way it is and thank the Sun News BARON for sinking the PQ ship
    Andrea please take note as all parties seem capable of stupidity like Conservative MP Eve Adams and her once powerful boyfriend and former PMO press spokesman.He was hated by the media for his arrogant manner.
    Mr Furtz…I will try to track down these clowns following you using the same (High Tech Group LOL) of the XFLIES group. If you indeed are two people in One you deserve to be paid as such
    all the best
    sin cer ly

  21. @ Claudette. Horwath is way smarter than Marios and Hudak combined. She won’t, and doesn’t need to bring a rock-star onto her team. And she won’t resort to bashing immigrants and unions like Hudak did during the last election. Right now, it’s up to Wynne to introduce a budget, and Horwath to vote against it. In the meantime, Hudak might as well go home and play tiddlywinks with Mrs. Hudak.
    sin cer ly

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