Should the Destruction of Marois Mean it’s Time for the PQ to Drop Separation and Turn Conservative? by Jamie Gilcig

jg2CFN – Many are rejoicing in la belle province this morning over the political destruction of one of the most destructive forces in Quebec Politics; one Madame Pauline Marois.

She led her party to a complete defeat with the Liberal Party snatching 70 seats and a majority after she and the PQ triggered an election including the proud announcement of Quebecor majority owner Pierre Karl Peladeau joining up as a star candidate and leading the desire to create a new country.

Marois herself resigned as leader of her party after losing her own long time riding and Mr. Coulliard showed you don’t have to be a brain surgeon to understand Quebecers, but it certainly doesn’t hurt, as he won a long time PQ seat for himself.

Quebec really isn’t going to change after this election.   Yes, the rhetoric and fear will die down.  Yes, some anti-social and bizarre behavior may dimmer down and be confronted from the Language Police down to street interactions.

This is a chance for Quebec simply to take a deep breath of less toxic air.

The biggest question is what happens to Pierre Karl Peladeau; chief owner of Quebecor, the province’s largest media conglomerate?   Will he sell his shares now that he’s been elected?  Will he try to attain the leadership of the PQ?    Is he sitting at home wondering how he is where he is today?

Is the  PQ itself  lost?   This election was against them rather than for the Liberals.   Clearly the province has legitimate issues with their handling of government; especially its corruption.  There is no true Conservative rival.   Frankly the PQ is done if they don’t reinvent themselves.

What will the future of the PQ be?   Clearly breaking up Canada is not a real issue in Quebec as the people have clearly spoken three times, twice in referendum and clearly in this election.      Can the PQ give up Separation?  The problem for Mr. Peladeau is that it was his nomination the fueled the PQ defeat with his proud proclamations of wanting a country for his children.

If he hadn’t made such ridiculous statements he very well could be leading a party of the right which would be the natural nemesis of the Liberals and that’s been an anchor around Quebecers for over 40 years now.   When they want to dump the Liberals there just isn’t much else to vote for.

Phillipe Couliard and his party have a new mandate and an  opportunity to connect with the people of Quebec.  Infrastructure, the economy, healthcare, the environment, bringing back the Nordiques & Expos, and building a better province are the true challenges for Quebec.  Separating is not, and it should not be directly connected to any “identity crisis” among Quebecers.

It’s time to move forward, in Quebec, and in Canada.  It’s time for Quebec to willingly join the table with the rest of our provinces and territories and fully participate in making Canada the country that it is.  I think most Quebecers want that too.

What do you see for the future of Quebec dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. No, it is time for the PQ to seriously consider disbanding and be absorbed by other parties. This is at least the third time Quebeckers have rejected seperation.

  2. The PQ will probably carry on in a diminished form until the old hardcore separatists die off. The Liberals are already pretty conservative, so a party further to the left might be viable.

  3. Well as a Quebecer moving to Cornwall with in weeks..I can tell you, the PQ will never go away just like the referendum issue will naver go away..Ther is still that hardcore of nationalist that want to be their own country regardless of the cost. There will be no political stability as every 4-5 years elections will be called and seperatisim will rear its ugly head again and again.
    It will be the never ending sory, and I will be glad to get out.

  4. Author

    Welcome to Cornwall Fred!

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