Halak Vs Price – Which Goalie would you rather have today? by Jamie Gilcig April 10, 2014

halakCFN– A few years ago Jaroslav Halak led the Habs on a glory run in the play offs; the closet les boys have been to sniffing a Stanley Cup in two decades.

Halak was a 9th round pick.  He wasn’t from Canada.  He wasn’t big.  He had no pedigree; but he was and is a great goalie.

Carey Price isn’t chopped liver.   He’s two years younger than Halak, but being a 5th over all draft pick by GM Bob Gainey meant that there was a will to make sure that draft pick shined.

It all came to a show down in the 2009/10 season.

Halak played 45 games with a 26-13-5 record with 5 shut outs.

Price played 41 games with a 13-20-5 record with ZERO shut outs.

The fans loved Halak and the team clearly played better in front of number 33 who many were comparing to future HOF’er Domenic Hasek.

In the long play off run that year Price was not a factor.  4 games, on 0-1 record, 3.56 GAAS and .890 sv%.

Halak in 18 games was 9-9 with a 2.55 GAA and .923 sv%.

For their careers now Halak has played 271 games in spite of being 2 years older, mostly due to injury, but has put up a 143-85-29 record with a 2.39 GAA and .917 sv % with 29 shut outs.

Price has played 367 games with a 178-136-44 record with  a 2.53 GAA and .916 sv% and 24 shut outs in spite of playing 30% more games.

In the play offs Price has played 30 games with a 9-17 record, 2.90 GAA and .905 sv% and 3 shuts outs.

Halak has played 23 games with a 10-11 record 2.42 GAA and .923 sv% and no shut outs.

Halak’s GAA and SV % are actually better in the play offs than his regular season numbers.  Price cannot claim the same.

Carey Price has earned $19.3M in his career so far and currently has four years left on a contract that pays out $6.75, and then three years at $7M, near the top of the salary scale for goalies in the NHL.

Halak will be a free agent.  His current salary of $4.5 puts him near the lower end of the pack.  He’s earned $18M lifetime.

Carey Price is having a near career season showing maturity.   He’s played 57 games this season with 5 shut outs and a 33-19-5 record and represented Canada on their Gold medal Olympic team.  Halak was victim of the Ryan Miller trade and ended up in Washington as a rental player.    In 51 games he has a 28-13-7 record with 4 shut outs.

So hockey fans who would you rather be your goalie; especially when the money is on the line?    Post your comments below!



  1. I am from Montreal, I saw Halak play all his games with the canadiens and witnessed his unbelievable skills! I miss him a lot since he was traded. Price is not half the player Halak was. His start with the Islanders this season proves it. Most here say that Price was the best one to keep with the team but I rely on numbers to make my choice. Not on hopes and dreams 🙂

  2. Best move Islanders could have made… Halak. The way things are going right now I’d bet on the Isles over the Habs in a series.

  3. What about now?

  4. Halak is a goof and a hack! Really weak along the boards, and a complete looser in the corners. He should have been traded to the Prescott Petes or the Morrisburg Mad Men.

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