Seniors’ Situation Room by Dawn Ford – Nyman’s Shoes in Cornwall & Hearing Ear Dogs

Seniors’ Situation Room by Dawn Ford – Nyman’s Shoes in Cornwall & Hearing Ear Dogs

DawnFord_SSRCFN – Yogi Berra and Casey Stengel have said some amazing things over the years. Once I thought I had made up a clever quip which would have rivaled any ‘Yogi-isms ‘or ‘Stengeleses’ but I found out Yogi had already thought it up. So much for my ego. I don’t know if Yogi said that we never know what we might find when we are not looking. I couldn’t believe that I found three things when I wasn’t looking and didn’t even know I had them

One is a receipt for a pair of shoes in 1958 from Nyman’s shoe store. It reads; suede pump $12.95. Mr. Nyman gave me a 10% discount probably because I was a friend of his daughter’s Cynthia or because I had just gone into nurses training. I didn’t know I had kept it.

nymans 1


nymans 2

I also found a menu for the old King George restaurant that burned some years ago and this picture below of the CCVS marching band. The photo was probably taken about 1957 and shows the late Harvey Villeneuve standing beside me. I think I recognize a few others but I am not sure. We also had an orchestra which played at many functions.

The Marching Band was very active and we were in various parades and also marched into the grounds at football games. We played at the Cenotaph on November 11th ceremonies in some awfully cold weather. I remember that metal mouth piece of my French Horn was very cold. My late brother, Gerry Herrington played Taps on his bugle and my brother Sonny Herrington, a Navy Veteran, was also there. Nice memories.


 ccvs band

Recently on the medical news it said that people who are afraid of the dark do not sleep well. Add to that people with hearing aids that have to come out at night. Maybe a good solution to those problems would be a Hearing Ear Dog. This project is another service offered and supported by the Lion’s Foundation of Canada. The dogs are available to anyone ten years and older who are deaf or hard of hearing. They are taught to distinguish sounds and make physical contact with their handlers to lead them to whatever is making a noise such as an alarm clock, door bell or phone. Go to their website to learn more about these wonderful dogs or how you can help or phone 1-905-842-2891(Oakville. ON).


CARP Promotions (Canadian Association of Retired Persons) sent me an e-mail about the ‘211 free helpline’ which provides information on many social and community services in Ontario. Some of the services include Advocacy for seniors, Chronic disease support, Health support programs, Home help for seniors, Tax clinics for low-income seniors, friendly visitor programs and much more. Please call 2-1-1 or visit their web site at . This is a free service and is confidential.


A little humor to brighten any day:


An elderly woman of 104 years of age was interviewed by a reporter. He asked her what was the best thing about being 104 years old. She replied, ‘No peer pressure.’


Have a good week. Dawn

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