Old Temporary Customs Location Begins Decommissioning in Cornwall Ontario

old customs being destroyed TODD

CFN – The City of Cornwall would like to advise the public that the Canada Border Services Agency has started to decommission the temporary Port of Entry on Brookdale Avenue at the traffic circle.

City officials have received a work schedule from CBSA that calls for the temporary site to be cleared by the end of April, with asphalt roadway repair completed by the end of May.

Should everything proceed according to schedule, it’s expected the northbound detour will be removed and the northbound lanes of Brookdale Avenue will reopen to traffic by the end of the month.

“The decommissioning plan calls for the site to be restored and enable traffic to flow in both directions on Brookdale Avenue,” said Steve Wintle, Division Manager, Infrastructure Planning. “We know motorists are anxious to see this section of Brookdale Avenue fully reopened to traffic. The Federal Bridge Corporation Ltd. will reconstruct Brookdale Avenue after the high level bridge is demolished and permanent restoration of the area will be done at that time.”

Motorists are reminded that there may be some delays in the immediate area while the work is completed.

Photo: Todd LeBlanc

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  1. I drive by there from time to time, work is progressing. It’ll be nice to be able to drive down Brookdale without the “detour.”

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