View From the Hill by Keith Beardsley – No Danger Pay for our Soldiers in Afghanistan?

Dr. EvilCFN – Once again we have the Defence Department making a decision that leaves most fair minded Canadians shaking their heads.  It seems the brain trust at DND has decided that while our embassy staff and ambassador require soldiers to protect them in Kabul, the soldiers don’t merit danger pay?

This DND decision also ignores the increasing level of violence that is being seen in the Afghan capital, a city in which westerners are often targeted. If it’s such an easy task and there is no danger involved why are highly trained troops even required? How many other Canadian embassies have similar security arrangements to the one we require in Afghanistan?

This decision follows on the heels of a couple of other bad ones that forced the minister to step in and over rule his departmental officials. For example, Minister Nicholson had to reverse the decision to make families of soldiers who died in Afghanistan pay their own way to attend the commemorative ceremony in Ottawa on May 9th. He also had to apologize for a one-cent cheque sent to the mother of a veteran who died.

Who makes these bone-headed decisions? Why are they being allowed to continue?

Anyone who has been in the military knows that no one individual signs off on such decisions. There is an approval process in place that usually requires someone higher up the chain to sign off and quite often several signatures are required. My question is who in headquarters signed off on all of the above decisions?

Equally important, who in the minister’s office is vetting decisions that are almost certainly guaranteed to get the government into political hot water? Inquiring minds want to know.


  1. I have zero respect for our current federal government for all the obvious reasons. However, do people voluntarily sign up for military service with the expectation that they will never see combat, or danger?

  2. I too have zero tolerance for the present government and wish that they would blow away where they cannot be found ever again. There is always danger in other countries and even in our own. When there is trouble you will encounter it anywhere. When you go to another country and you are exploiting their resources and killing and maming their people what do you expect them to do say thank you for all the destruction done to them. We have no business at all anywhere. The US is going down because of all the wars. Like the former wrestler and former governor of Minnessota Jesse the Body Ventura said that we have no business over there and that the US has not won a war since WWII and that is true. If it were not for the atomic bomb dropped on two major cities in Japan by the US the US would have lost that war as well. The US has been losing wars since Korea, Vietnam, etc. right up till this day. We need people of peace and not war. War does no justice to anyone at all.

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