Habs Win Game Three 4-2, but Don’t Beat Bruins by Jamie Gilcig


subban in box

CFN – PK Subban was in the penalty box after an odd play where he scored two hits,  one on poor Thomas Vanek!    That didn’t deter the star who led the Habs and was a force on the ice as they defeated Boston 4-2 for the home fans.

Boston this series has not laid on the muscle and that could be why they’re down 2 games to 1 in the series.  In fact it was Montreal bringing it to the Bruins to open the game and that seemed to put the visitors off their stride.

Montreal forced play and buried the puck running up a 3 goal lead.    The team once again ended up in trouble as they stopped their aggressive play which led to Boston spending far too much time in the Habs zone.  Never a good thing.

Shots were low, 28 for Boston and 26 for Montreal.   Face offs were even, Montreal out hit Boston 36 to 31.  Montreal blocked 29 shots to Boston’s 20.

The refs put away the whistles and let the teams play.  Boston nearly evened the game pulling their goalie with two minutes on the clock which resulted in bringing the game to one goal before Lars Eller put the puck in the empty net with less than a minute to play.

Montreal has been very lucky this series.   Game 3 was their best performance; Carey Price included.   The Habs have to figure out how to get some of their stars rolling.  Max Pacioretty has been squeezing his stick and Andrei Markov is a scary hot mess right now.

Who knew that all you have to do is put Steve Shutt’s jersey on a player and it’d turn them into a highlight scorer?    Dale Weise is earning more ice time.   His defensive play has been strong this series, but his pretty 5 hole goal was a beauty!

The series isn’t over by far.  Boston is far too good a team, but Montreal for today is in the lead.   They will need to not take their feet off the gas as they have the last two games.  While they won last night they really didn’t beat the Bruins.  The score could easily have been reversed.

Always respect your foe and never give them a break.

Glad to see Douglas Murray back on the ice.  He contributed 5 hits and 4 blocked shots.   Alexei Emelin also contributed 7 hits and and 5 blocked shots.    Mike Weaver also keeps impressing.   I hope the Habs resign him after what he’s shown since coming over.

Tomas Plekanec also has done an amazing job.    Last night’s goal and 15-15 in the face off circle, as well as his job of tying up the Bruin’s best should be praised.

My three stars for the night, 1) PK Subban 2) Tomas Plekanec 3) Carey Price

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