Ontario Appeal Win Means Non Licencees Cannot Appear For Landlord Tenant Board Hearings

CFN –  A recent Ontario Court of Appeal decision is good news for Paralegal’s and lawyers in the province as Land Lords will no longer be able to have property managers handle certain duties.

The Law Society of Upper Canada vs Enzo Vincent Chiarelli of May 14, 2014 upheld an earlier decison.

Jim-Moak-BW3Local Paralegal James Moak had the following to state:

This is a great day for paralegals as the Court of Appeal Ontario has confirmed that a non licencee CANNOT appear at the Landlord and Tenant Board representing third party Landlords.

This is a great boon for paralegals as this will provide additional work for existing paralegals and many opportunities for new paralegals.

This will also ensure that the public will be protected as all licencees of the LSUC must be insured and are regulated unlike property managers.  This same principle applies across the realm of legal services across Ontario.

Mr. Moak is considered an expert in Landlord Tenant law in the region, and has recently expanded his practice to Kingston.

For more information or to reach him you can contact his website, www.Cornwallparalegal.com or via telephone at 613 937 0347

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