Susan Sauve Catches Sebastien Sasseville in Cornwall Ontario for his Out Run Diabetes Trek

diabetes runCORNWALL Ontario – CFN viewer Susan Sauve joined Sébastien Sasseville as he ran through Cornwall Ontario in his 7,500 kilometre journey  to raise awareness  for Diabetes early this morning.  (Ms Sauve is in the red jacket –  Mr. Sasseville is on the left in blue) 

Cornwall has a great diabetes Centre that’s in the process of moving from the General to the new Community Hospital location on McDonell which should be final by July 15th.

The Diabetes Treatment centre does not require a doctor’s referral and its goal is to help people live with this horrible disease.

She added:

Sebastian is a great representation of what everyone can succeed to be with the right support program.

To learn more about Mr. Sasseville’s run you can check the Facebook page.

A coast to coast run across Canada by Sebastien Sasseville to outrun diabetes. A 7500 km journey from St. Johns to Vancouver. Outrun Diabetes is supported by Animas, OneTouch and Novo Nordisk. Sébastien Sasseville is a Team Novo Nordisk athlete.

La traversée du Canada à la course et en solo de Sébastien Sasseville pour vaincre le diabète. Un parcours de 7500 km de St. Johns à Vancouver. Le projet est rendu possible grâce à Animas, OneTouch et Novo Nordisk. Sébastien Sasseville est un athlète de Team Novo Nordisk. 


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