Price Done Vs Rangers – Tokarski in? Habs Get Chance to Show Character vs Rangers in Game 2 by Jamie Gilcig

carey priceCFN – The RJ curse struck the Habs in game one of their round three first play off game.

They were outplayed and defeated 7-2.   It wasn’t clear what the team’s game plan was or if there even was one?

Coach Michel Therrien’s squad didn’t seem prepared for the speed and play of the Rangers with many analysts suggesting that coach Alain Vigneault himself was using the Habs play book against them with a vigorous fore check and offensive pressure.

If there was one bugaboo it was Henrik Lundqvists history against the Habs and shots and scoring chances were held to a minimum.

There should be no room in the NHL for this sort of play.  If there were proper punishments players just might put some extra effort into not crashing the net.   In this day of high priced goal tenders does the NHL benefit when a Carey Price goes down to injury?

The good news is that it was just one game.   And it’s over.  It also changes the dynamics of the Habs.  If they truly are a character team now is the time to show it.

Dustin Tokaraski will most likely make the start.  Peter Budaj clearly is not “the guy” as he failed when Price was injured late in the season and when he replaced him for the third period.

Montreal needs to get back to x’s and o’s and really crunch NY and see what they are doing that’s working.   Boston was a slower team.    The Rangers are faster.  The best way to slow down speed is brute force.   Watching game one there were more unfinished checks than Bob Gainey would ever tolerate as a Captain or coach.   The Rangers need to pay the price for being near the net.

There’s no need to panic; even without Carey Price.   This is Montreal’s time to shine.

They need to get the puck into the Rangers zone more forcefully and PK Subban needs to shine and be a difference maker in game two.

It should also be their time to even the series because if NY goes up 2-0 you can stick a fork in the Habs.

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