Non Debate in Martintown – Who won? Who cares? Guilt by Association? by Jamie Gilcig

MPP Jim McDonell NOV 2012CORNWALL Ontario – It’s a ho hum race here in SD&G with all but most certain that MPP Jim McDonnell expected to pull in nearly 70% of the vote.

The only real question is whether Liberal John Earle and his hair  will fall into third place behind Elaine MacDonald and her NDP.

The debates started with less than 100 showing up in Martintown; mostly party faithful.

It must be very frustrating for the NDP who so far have run a finely organized campaign but are carrying the burden of Ms MacDonald’s luggage from her role in the scandal plagued Kilger council.

Short of eating babies in front of crowds voters seem fine with Conservative candidate Jim McDonell whose team doesn’t seem to filter who works for them.

facebook currier & hart

Photo: Facebook


The Blue team had Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart of South Stormont plugging away; who has just been dinged four weeks salary as Deputy Mayor after being spanked by Integrity Commissioner Robert Swayze for releasing false information and other nastiness.   She’s hugging tight council candidate Richard Currier or Elvis with Rabies as some are calling him.

He and his wife led a motley corus of support after Ms Hart was sanctioned.  LINK

It gives one pause to consider if any process is involved in screening volunteers?   MPP McDonell actually singled the two out on his facebook page thanking them.

The campaign limps on until June 12 when we find out which provincial leader gets the axe!



  1. Same situation here in Leeds-Grenville. The local rag keeps calling it a race, but it’ll be the usual walk in the park for the Cons. In fact, in this riding, ONLY Cons have been elected provincially for over a hundred years! Makes voting a futile exercise.

  2. Author

    Furtz your cons seem nicer and smarter than our cons though…

  3. Steve Clark seems to be a nice guy with a bright shiny face, but his predecessor Bob Runciman, who held the post for about 25 years, was and is a snake.

  4. I was asked twice this week, “When did Joan Levy-Earle get into politics, and who does her Jheri curl?
    Cornwall Fact

  5. Well, I know none of the three major parties (Fiberals, Cons or NDP) are getting a vote from this household. Both my wife and I are so disillusioned / pissed off at all three we’re voting for the Green Party.

  6. I totally agree with the Hugger1 post above as none of the 3 main parties are getting or deserving of a vote from anyone in our household either. Probably vote Green also just to say I voted.

  7. The problem is that people go and vote for a certain party instead of the individual who can do a good job or a bad job. You don’t vote for a party because it isn’t good at all. I stopped voting because I don’t know any of them at all anywhere and I will not vote for someone just to vote and if I did that I would have a very guilty conscience of putting the wrong person in to mess up badly. I want to vote for a good person. I was very deceived about Bare Ass years ago and thought that he was a good person and all the time he turned out to be a real snake in the grass. No tanks I will not vote and get bitten again by any snake in the grass. I will be as wise as a serpent this time.

  8. Perhaps try voting for one of the nontraditional parties.

  9. @ Hugger. On the off chance that they will form the next government? Might as well just stay home and check your lottery tickets.

  10. Nope. For me it’s a protest vote against the three established political parties in Ontario.

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