Gilcig Caught Pinching Puppies and Pushing Baby Carriages Down Hills – May 26, 2014

Jamie Gilcig

jg2CFN – I bet you clicked on this story.

I bet you’re reading it right now.

You’re looking for the dish and the dirt.

You’re looking for blood; for the bone sticking out of the car wreck.

The dead body maybe?

A foot without a shoe?

The news is becoming more and more garish.

Facebook and Social media in particular show things that never would be on the media one, two, or three decades ago and people are insatiable for it apparently?

There are even websites devoted to the macabre “sport” of oogling others suffering, but I won’t link to them as they get enough traffic.

For the record I have not in fact pinched any puppies and stay away from baby carriages because frankly; the little gaffers are kinda stinky and noisy.

With over 8,000 stories published in under six years I really have seen what the public clicks on.    I’ve been accused of only writing bad stories, yet the numbers clearly do not bare that falsehood out.   What the numbers show is that you, yes you!  Click on the stories you choose and frankly your taste lies to the negative.  You can say it’s not true, but your fingers don’t lie.

There’s a reason why network media is all doom and gloom. It comforts us.   And that same reason is why one local rag which claims to only run good news is rarely read and considered such an utter  joke. (not to mention lying about their engineered numbers)

Recently I was in a local store I adore and I said I wanted to do a profile on the mom and pop place.   They were horrified!   They said if I wrote something nice about them that they might be attacked!  Yes, people are that nuts!  Likewise when I write something even mildly murky about someone our traffic lights up.   It’s as though struggling businesses should pay me to be a bit nasty to them? 🙂

Human nature is a very funny and fickle thing.  I was having a glass of wine with some friends last week (yes, I do in fact have friends, some right here in Cornwall even!)

and was telling a story.    The pourer of the wine started to chastise me, but he had a wide grin on and was laughing.   I called him on it.  You can’t tell me it’s bad while laughing I protested which made him laugh more.   Yes it might have been the red wine, but I’ve had this exact same experience without that wonderful and wacky grape nectar with the same results.   We all really are hypocrites.

Does anyone really want to watch happy news except for those stories about dogs rescuing kittens?    I know I don’t;  and I know from how you amazing CFN readers, 60,000 + of you per month do.

You can post  your positive and ….negative comments below; but be nice as it’s Monday!

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  1. One thing that you said is true is that people are funny and hypocrites. I have not been on facebook in a few years or more and the facebook that I was on had to do with my quilting buddies otherwise I would never have gone on that at all. I was bored out of my mind and I left it in good friends. I am not one to chat or read all day for no apparent reason. Your paper CFN gives me the giggles and at the same time makes me upset about the administration, the clique and Bare Ass and his crazy antics. You do deliver the news as you see it. As for pinching puppies or pushing baby carriages that is not news since the toilet paper of record – SF and the other toilet paper of record Seaway News does enough of that. You can’t please everyone and that is the truth. Jamie if you bent over backwards and inside out people would still complain. I am bad enough as is without having a sip of wine. I do have quite a story on that one what happened to me with the wine and cheese. LOL LOL. ROLF! That was here in Ottawa in the mid 70’s. Oh those were the good days of Ottawa.

  2. Yes I had to read this as I thought it would just be comical.I know you well enough to know that it was not true about the puppies & babies !!! where do these people dream up these lies? Maybe you should post some mental health organizations where these idiots could get much needed therapy for their delusional tendencies

  3. Author

    Oddly enough Mary it’s our second most read story of the day….

  4. Jamie…..C’mon….the news being all negative all the time? this is a revelation to you? ‘ If it Bleeds, It Leads’ is the motto of almost any media outlet out there. You want to raise your eyebrows? go check out some newspapers from 100 years ago…You’d be suprised at how little has changed.I have noticed on Facebook the amount of ‘attention gore’ stories has jumped recently, well, the cure to that is just don’t click on them. Chances are it ain’t anything you ain’t ever seen before. To paraphrase Don Henley ‘ Can we film the operation is the head dead yet?/ you know the boys in the newsroom are taking all bets/get that widow on the set/ We need Dirty Laundry. There’s nothing hypocritical about negative news. Part of life. It ain’t all sunshine and Rainbows out there, and that should be reported as much as the ‘ shiny happytalk holding hands’ news. What you choose to focus on is your choice…Now excuse me while I wade through the cesspools of ‘investigative journalism’ to get to my Youtube ‘Cute Kitty ‘ clips…….

  5. Slow news day Jamie?

    But seriously traditional media must evolve into what media is perceived to be today or they will become dinosaurs.

  6. Author

    I still can’t believe how many people clicked on this Hugger 🙂 We’re talking over 1,000 so far today.

  7. The Dockery anti-CFN/pro-Hart Facebook group really is something to behold! I check it out once a week or so just to see if they’re still amusing themselves. It’s amazing how a group of people can become so obsessed for so long. To his credit, Dockery did post a request asking members to stop making “fat” jokes. That’s the level they are at.
    To Ms. Hart’s credit, she doesn’t join in. Not sure if she has the capacity to feel embarrassed, but if she does, these clowns would do it.

  8. I protest
    I did click on this story BUT knew it wasn’t true and wanted to see your reason for posting it…
    I was not looking for anything negative..and the story wasn’t
    On the not so bright side Cornwall River Kings leave but in Cornwalls “favor” two fans still face serious criminal charges..that will once again get neg headlines for your city

  9. Mr Furtz
    Will point out that Ms Hart does drop by the X_FLIES site and say “thanks” to the rabid GANG on there.
    Can you just imagine if they applied themselves to something positive instead of posting degrading comments and stupid cartoons????? My gosh what would they do if their boycott was successful were would they channel all that bile and hatred???
    And last but not least a shoutout to the new Editor of Standard Freeholder a Canadian Red Cross life guard who took to twitter to make mocking comments about our small group posting negative comments about the CRC for DESTROYING 60,000 lives with HEP-C Red Cross TAINTED BLOOD
    His lousy comment section had been deleting all day so we did post a lot..but miracle of miracles they all popped up later that night…his fault not OURS
    He wanted a joyous story of red cross helping out at Nav centre as yet another evacuation group landed there we saw red cross truck and it brought back horrible memories. As head of the CJA canuck journalist assoc he should know better to take cheap shots especially as he has a red cross dog in this hunt.
    A lady from Maxville is begging(for her Mother) the Ontario Gov to fund Hep-c drug that cost $60-80 THOUSAND for twelve weeks of pills. Her mother an Ottawa woman is dying as she can’t afford medicine that might SAVE her life after Red Cross Tainted Blood Hep-C.
    It would make a great local angle for a Freeholder story instead of tweets about red cross water safety HUGO!!!!!!
    Current estimates have 1,000 people dying from HEP_C in Canada EVERY YEAR
    Drownings – Canadian Red Cross 1991-2000 there were 5,900 in Canada

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