lihouCORNWALL Ontario – It’s time for our 2014 First Quarter Lihou Report; named after Seaway News Editor Todd Lihou who raved about their numbers without really giving any numbers.    His narrative inspired this new name change in our reporting as CFN has always tried to be upfront about the support we get from you; our amazing viewers!

This installment of the Lihou Report is our First Quarter Report for 2014 which of course includes traffic from January 1, 2014 to March 31, 2014.

Unique Visitor (based on IP numbers) 

177,019 ( 59,006 monthly average)

Number of Visits


Total Page Viewed


Hits (Todd’s fave stat although kinda meaningless in today’s internet) 


Time Per visit

Average 361 seconds

11.7% of our visits last 15 minutes or more!

(does not include 5-15mn)

Top 30 City Visits From

(via Google Analytics – all cities in Ontario unless otherwise noted)

1) Cornwall 43.77%  Bounce .35%  Pages per session 6.53 Avg time per session  2.37 minutes

2) Ottawa 9.17%

3) Montreal, QC 9.16%

4) Toronto

5) Kingston

6) Brockville

7) Gatineau QC

8) Calgary AB

9) Morrisburg

10) Mississauga

11) Guelph

12) Hamilton

13) London

14) Vancouver BC

15) Barrie

16) Arnprior

17) Hawkesbury (QC if you’re Tammy Hart)

18) Petawawa

19) Clarence-Rockland

20) Peterborough

21) Alexandria

22)  Prescott

23) Markham

24) Belleville

25) New York, NY

26) Edmonton AB

27) Brampton

28) Greater Sudbury

29) Oshawa

30) Waterloo

Bounce Rate


Pages per Session


Average Session Duration

2.07 minutes

28.31% of our viewers do so via their mobile units

12.58% do so from their tablets

35.49% of mobile users are on their iPhones

25.68 are on their iPads

42.54% find us via Organic Search

37.13% via Social Media

16.00 directly

A large chunk of viewers end up on CFN when searching for key words or phrases Cornwall Freeholder or Cornwall Daily

The Ten Stories you Clicked on the Most 

1) Police Ask Public to Stay Away From Prince Albert

2) Someone Scored in Cornwall Ontario Restaurant

3) RCAF Wing in Cornwall Ontario To be Torn Down for Condo Petition

4) Things Heat up at Scores as Firetruck Arrives

5) Face of Hate in Cornwall Ontario

6) Statement from Jamie Gilcig Regarding My Criminal Charges

7) MCA Rejects Opening of New Bridge to Canada

8) My Thoughts on Wearing a Pink Shirt Day

9) The Price of Bullying or Why Ryan Gosling Doesn’t Have a Lot of Nice Things to Say About Cornwall

10) UCDSB Schools in Cornwall Rank Near Bottom

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  1. Your success must really drive those jealous haters up the wall Congratulations

  2. Author

    Mary I betcha there are more haters viewing us than you think 😉

  3. Jamie during your short while in Cornwall you have accomplished a great deal more than what the toilet papers of record – SF and toilet paper Jr. Seaway News has ever done in all their years of operation. The whole bunch of them are mighty jealous of your accomplishments. Congratulations and I knew that you can do it and always have.

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