Opening Day at Long Sault Farmer’s Market by Reg Coffey

Opening Day with tables 6Jun14

Long Sault – It was a surprisingly busy day at the market on Friday afternoon, 6 June 2014. The weather started off a little iffy but by late afternoon it was very comfortable. People came out to see what was available and walked away with many of their favorites. The crops are a little slow this year because of the long cold winter and cool spring but there was a still lot to buy. Andrew at Avonmore Berry Farm had fresh picked local asparagus and spring onions and Ingleside Tomatoes was there with some deep red hothouse tomatoes.

Most of last year’s vendors have returned plus we have a few new ones. Gordz Hot Sauce was there with jars of just about anything spicy to challenge your senses and Carol Coffey’s Crafts had a display of beautifully crafted children’s clothing. Hilltop Farm also made their premier appearance with a colourful display of iced teas and lemonades along with donuts, pies, homemade breads, hamburger and hotdog rolls.

Opening Day 4 6Jun14


There are more new vendors that will be attending in the future and various charitable organizations will be set up for fund raising over the summer. As in previous years I will be interviewing at least one vendor each week so they will have an opportunity to promote their product.

Opening Day 2 6Jun14

This year South Stormont township has kindly supplied the market with tables for the shoppers to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee with a sweet treat, and consider their next buy.

There isn’t a better place to spend a Friday afternoon than the Long Sault Farmer’s Market. Make it one of your week’s shopping routines to come out to scenic Long Sault and indulge yourself with fresh locally produced foodstuffs and crafts.

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