What is Habs GM Marc Bergevin Thinking? Team Resigns Michel Therrien for Four Years by Jamie Gilcig

What is Habs GM Marc Bergevin Thinking?   Team Resigns Michel Therrien for Four Years by Jamie Gilcig

Marc_Bergevin_-_Montreal_GMCFN – There are days I wonder what Habs GM Marc Bergevin is thinking?   This is one of them as he has rewarded coach Michel Therrien with a four year contract extension; that’s right FOUR YEARS!

Yes the Habs had an extended stretch run this year; but is it truly because of Mr. Therrien’s coaching?    Was it a key factor?  Was it as positive in this years play offs compared to the bizarre behavior of last season’s collapse?

Montreal has some special needs.  Would Mr. Therrien be getting this deal if his name was Cunneyworth?   Would Louis Leblanc, the former 1st rounder picked ahead of Chris Kreider and some very talented NHL’ers have been drafted by the team if his name was White?

I’m not sure that Montreal has made many strides this season in spite of the deep run.   We did not see any real advancement of our younger players and the cupboard down below isn’t excitingly stocked.

The PK Subban question is still out there  as is the Carey Price one.    The team may look very different in fact with the large number of UFA and RFA players as well as some questionable contracts that team is carrying like Rene Bourque.

Right now the team doesn’t have a true number one centre; especially a play off geared one.   It’s top six are Tomas Plekanec, Max Pacioretty, David Desharnais, Brendan Gallagher, and maybe Alex Galchenyuk.   That’s five!   Thomas Vanek is gone and if Brian Gionta is resigned that’s not a good omen as it means the pantry is empty and the GM couldn’t trade or sign some solutions.

The bottom six are led by RFA Lars Eller, Brandon Prust, Dale Weise (also RFA) and if he’s not traded or bought out, Travis Moen.

To be traded, dumped, or simply not a factor;  Rene Bourque, Danny Briere, especially with Therrien signed long term, Bournival.

Again, as it stands now it’s messy forward squad full of needs and holes.

On Defense, well until we know what the team decides on Subban and Markov we can’t really piece things together.

Emelin and Gorges are signed.  Both are credible, but not top pairing.     The team seems high on Beaulieu, and it’s time for Tinordi to earn his spot.   Mike Weaver deserves to be back; but the unit is missing something…..

If it’s all about the Benjamin’s Markov is gone.   As for PK the signing of Therrien may not bode well for him wanting to sign long term or the team wanting him long term.   His trade value is epic right now.  In fact if Montreal really wanted to shake things up it’d consider trading both Subban and Price.

The question regarding both Price and Subban is how much better is the team with them?  The team of course is better; but can it be better by moving them if they are not key core elements?

Last season the team didn’t really spark until Vanek showed up which took a lot of pressure off Pacioretty and the scorers.   The team clearly needs that secondary scoring to spread the coverage.

What do you think Habs fans?  Is signing Therrien long term a good thing and will the Habs lock up PK  and improve?

You can post your comments below.


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Peter Jenkin

In a world were contracts don’t seem to be worth the paper they are printed on not sure one year or four years makes any difference.
Jamie are you suggesting its wrong of a team playing in a bilingual city that they shouldn’t hire a “french coach” just asking??????
Its like the Mayor of Montreal announcing F1 would be returning to Gilles Villeneuve circuit for next ten years. He made the announcement but nothing was certified by F1 big wig Bernie Ecclestone.
It seems more like wishful thinking by the Mayor

Don Moore

Louis Leblanc?? maybe check back and you will see that NHL central scouting had Louis ranked 13th on their list.. Habs picked him 18th. one ahead of Kreider who was ranked 14th on the same ranking.. Why aren’t people all over Dallas picking Scott Glennie 8th overall in the 2009 draft and he’s played only 1 NHL game. ????


Montreal made the conference finals… Why would they trade their two beat players to “shake things up”? With Markov and subban signed mtl has a solid top 4, weaver plus tinordi or beaulieu rounds out the d. Not the best top 6 but trading subban would only leave more holes. You won’t get another young talent like him in return.


It all boils down to the fact that whichever team in any sport that has the best players and a bit of luck will win the cup at the end of the season. It amazes me that the never ending cycle of sports competitions year after year keeps so many people distracted from things that really matter, like Justin Bieber’s legal difficulties or Miley Cyrus’ see-thru panties.


Bieber and Cyrus matter??


@ Hugger. The greatest musical artists in the last hundred years!


Regarding the Glennie comment if you had insight you would know why he has only played 1 NHL game. He still may have some obsticles but when you play at his speed it has to be expected. In fact if you watched him in the Calder Cup you wouldn’t need to have insight. I still expect him to be at minimum an exceptional 2 way guy who is valuable on the ice and in the dressing room. He is definately a guy you want to go to war with in the NHL or the K.