Matt Niskanen or Andrei Markov? Who Would Hab Fans Want for 2014/15? by Jamie Gilcig

markovCFN – Early media rumbles is that 36 year old Andrei Markov is asking $6M for 3 years from the Habs which begs the question of how much Matt Niskanen would cost Marc Bergevin if he’s allowed to go UFA?

Niskanen is younger; had about the same amount of points, and delivered over 100 hits.   Bonus is a he’s a right handed shot so you’d have PK in the first pairing and Matt anchoring the second.

Emelin, Gorges, Tinordi, and Bealieu are all left handed.  If Mike Weaver is brought back his right handed shot would anchor the third pairing.

Andrei Markov’s numbers:

Matt Niskanen numbers:

Matt is no slouch or fluke.  Markov is a warrior and for the right price and term has a spot on the team, but after the injuries of his last contract and the nature of over 35 contracts in this CBA isn’t a 3 year term a bit much?   Marc Bergevin has some tough decisions to make.

There are no guarantees with injuries and the nature of a such a physical sport; but if Montreal is to get better and can upgrade a good GM has no real choice.   It’d be the same with resigning Brian Gionta to anything other than a condimental contract.   Brendan Gallagher or another player needs Gionta’s minutes at this point as the Captain of the Habs most likely will not produce enough to warrant those minutes.

Montreal of all NHL teams, like the Yankees in baseball, is not only about winning, but winning the Cup.  The fact that the team has failed to do so for twenty years is not forgotten by many of the loyal.

Now if they can get Reggie Houle to end the curse he brought on the team they’ll also be heading in the right direction.

What do you think Hab fans?  Would you rather have Matt Niskanen or Andrei Markov?  You can post your comments below.


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