June Lihou Report! CFN by the Numbers – We Break Our Single Month Unique Visitor Record! AD DEAL ALERT!

lihouCORNWALL Ontario – It’s time for our June 2014 Lihou Report; named after Seaway News Editor Todd Lihou, who raved about their numbers without really giving any numbers.    His narrative inspired this new name change in our numbers reporting as CFN has always tried to be upfront about the support we get from you; our amazing viewers!

We set a single month record for Unique Visitors!

  62,362 clicked through CFN in June for a total of 176,182 or 2.82 visits per visitor.

That’s a lot of traffic for this region.    Can you imagine your business, service, or organization having that kind of exposure?

Sadly Corus radio decided this month to kill off The Cornwall Daily and three jobs.   It really focuses on why we have to support local media and local business.

Also, a note.   The Seeker’s have been promoting that they have the highest Alexa Canadian rankings.   Alexa is one of the few comparative tools for comparing web traffic.   CFN led for most of the last three years, but Alexa is a ranking system that uses an algorithm based on computers with the Alexa tool bar installed on them.

Sorta like how Nielsen ratings are extrapolated from a small sampling of users.  There are not that many Alexa users in the region so as you can imagine it could be very easy to “game” the system which is why professional agencies don’t play funny beggars like the Seekers appear to have.

Looking at Alexa today you will see:

CFN: Cdn ranking 4,708 DPV 2.5  TOS 4:30    DPV is Daily Page Views per Visitor.  TOS is Time on Site per visitor

SF:  Cdn ranking  8,812  DPV 2.00    TOS  3:18

Seaway News: Cdn ranking 22,491  DPV 1.40 TOS 1:43

Cornwall Daily: Cdn ranking 12,724  DPV 2.40  TOS 1:26

The Seeker’s rankings  Cdn ranking 3,211  DPV 11.90 TOS 20:48

So according to these rankings visitors are spending 10 TIMES more time on the seeker website than any of the other media on average?  Really?   Now I would ask anyone reading this that actually has clicked on the seeker website; have you spent 20 minutes or more reading content; because that’s the average.

Same for content. The seekers put out less content by far than any of the other media so how would that equal nearly 5 times as many pages viewed on average?

Those are numbers that could only be achieved by gaming the system with a small group of computers or people involved.

Julio Lucio clearly missed that lesson about if you have to cheat to win you’ve already lost the game.

We all have to be careful of claims we  make.  For example when we claim our new record for Unique Visitors we would be forced to back that up if ever taken to court.

It’s why some media don’t give out numbers.  They use terms as Mr. Lihou did without giving numbers.   It’s a bit tawdry and misleading which is why we publish real verifiable numbers.

Unique Visitors (based on IP numbers) 


Number of Visits

176,182 (2.82 visits per visitor)

Total Page Viewed


Hits (Todd’s fave stat although kinda meaningless in today’s internet) 


Time Per visit

Average 352 seconds

11.2% of our visits last 15 minutes or more!

(does not include 5-15mn)

Top 30 City Visits From

(via Google Analytics – all cities in Ontario unless otherwise noted)

1) Cornwall 39.01%  Bounce 1.90%  Pages per session 3.80  Avg time per session  1.55 minutes

2) Montreal, QC 10.09%

3) Ottawa 8.57%

4) Toronto

5) Kingston

6) Brockville

7) Gatineau QC

8.) Mississauga

9) Peterborough

10) Calgary AB

11) Vancouver BC

12) Morrisburg

13) London

14) Hamilton

15) Guelph

16) Belleville

17) Greater Sudbury

18) Hawkesbury

19) Barrie

20) Windsor

21) Alexandria

22) Arnprior

23) New York, NY

24) Clarence-Rockland

25) Boardman OH

Bounce Rate


Pages per Session


Average Session Duration

1.31 minutes

34.18% of our viewers do so via their mobile units

13.12% do so from their tablets

36.56% of mobile users are on their iPhones

23.04 are on their iPads

A large chunk of viewers end up on CFN when searching for key words or phrases Cornwall Freeholder or Cornwall Daily

The Five Stories you Clicked on the Most 

1) OPP Confirm Fatality at Cornwall Motor Speedway

2) Brutal Crash Ends Night of Racing at Cornwall Motor Speedway

3) 2014 Ontario Election Predictions by Jamie Gilcig

4) No Frills to Vacate Cornwall Square

5) Fire and Explosions Destroy 319 Louisa

atw only

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  1. June Lihou . . . . sounded like the name of one of Todd Lihou’s relatives . . . . maybe his wife, sister or daughter . . . an initial look at the headline begs the reader to ask the question, “how in heaven’s name did she get hired to produce a column by CFN?”

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