Van Of Smokes – Cornwall Regional Task Force Update for July 16, 2014 CRTF

cts 1CFN – During the early morning hours of July 11, 2014, while conducting surveillance along Cornwall’s east end waterfront, members of the Cornwall Regional Task Force (CRTF) observed a boat, running without its navigational lights, approaching the shoreline near the Waste Water Treatment plant. While this was occurring, a van was observed traveling westbound along the city’s bike path from Boundary Road.


The van was driven without headlights and parked near the gazebo for concealment. The driver of the van met with the two occupants of the boat. It is alleged that the three individuals emptied contraband product from the boat into the van. CRTF members converged on scene to arrest the suspects. Two individuals were able to avoid apprehension by jumping into the river, swimming to and boarding their vessel and departing. One male, later identified as Micheal DUROCHER (age 29), of Cornwall, was apprehended at the scene. cts 2The van was found to contain 35 black plastic garbage bags of fine cut tobacco weighing a total of 471 kilograms. DUROCHER was arrested, and escorted to the Cornwall RCMP Detachment where he was processed and later released from custody on a Promise to Appear. The van a 2006 Chevrolet Uplander, and contraband were seized. 


During lunch hour on June 27, 2014, CRTF members were alerted to a suspicious transaction taking place between an unknown individual in a boat and two males ashore at a South Glengarry waterfront restaurant. The package was observed being placed into the trunk of late model Hyundai Elantra. After the two patrons completed their lunches and departed the restaurant, CRTF members stopped the Hyundai to further their investigation. Through investigation, a sum of $34,000.00 in US currency (in varying denominations) was located inside a tote bag in the vehicle’s trunk. This currency has been seized. Both males, from the Laval, Quebec area, were arrested, transported to the Cornwall RCMP Detachment for processing and released unconditionally. These individuals have not yet been charged as the investigation into this matter continues.


During the early morning hours of June 13, 2014, CRTF members received information, via the OPP, that a load of contraband cigarettes had been dropped off at a particular avenue in the Bainsville, Ontario area. At approximately 05:40 hrs, members attended and searched the area and located the contraband product on a dock at the shore. In total, twenty (20) cases of flavoured (cherry, peach, vanilla, strawberry and grape) cigars were seized.


On June 5, 2014, CRTF members were called to Cornwall’s Port of Entry (POE) to process a domestic contraband seizure. Kierian JACOBS (age 18) of Akwesasne, Ontario was arrested and charged for having eight (8) garbage bags containing approximately 105 kilograms of fine cut tobacco in her possession. JACOBS was processed and later released from custody on a Promise to Appear. Her vehicle, a 2014 Chrysler 300, along with the contraband was seized.


After dusk on May 25, 2014, while conducting shoreline surveillance operations in the South Glengarry area, a CRTF member observed a suspicious vessel approaching the shore. The vessel was believed to be occupied by two males and appeared to be riding low in the water. The member temporarily lost sight of the boat as he alerted his colleagues of the activity. A short time later, the boat was observed departing the noted area visibly lighter than it had previously. CRTF members converged on the suspect location and found several black garbage bags containing fine cut tobacco on shore. The search also revealed a 1999 Quebec plated white Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck parked nearby containing a half dozen black garbage bags of fine cut tobacco. It is believed the truck was to be used to move the illicit product. In total, 60 garbage bags of fine cut tobacco weighing a total of approximately 800 kilograms and the truck was seized.


This investigation is ongoing.   The individuals noted above, who have been charged under the provisions of the Excise Act, 2001, also face charges under the provincial Tobacco Tax Act for possession of unmarked cigarettes. If you have any information regarding criminal activity in your area, you can contact the CRTF at 1-613-937-2800 or call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477. The CRTF is a joint forces partnership that includes the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Canada Border Services Agency, Ontario Provincial Police, Cornwall Community Police Service and the Ontario Ministry of Finance.


  1. What does one expect when it is one of the very few jobs left in Cornwall. Without that smuggling many people would go hungry especially trying to keep up with Bare Ass and his ridiculous raises. At least some people are out there making quite a killing in this kind of business. LOL LOL. Businesses in town sure must love them so as they can stay afloat otherwise they would close their doors up as well and travel down the highways for other jobs elsewhere just like many have done so far.

  2. @jules lmao get a life, you were so quick to put me down for trafficking marijuana which is probably better to smoke then cheap tobacco and here you are encouraging it. Once again you are such a hypocrite. You’d probably be one of the informants letting the police know that you just seen a load of illegal tobacco. For someone who hates cornwall so much and has so many awful things to say about it you sure seem to check in on whats going on around here and can’t help but comment on anything and everything pertaining to a town that you would never ever move back to (your words) Like any one really cares what you think or have to say but since you went out of your way so many times to say so many awful things about me I couldn’t help but return the favour and let you know how pathetic I think you are 😉

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    Just a reminder to all to discuss or debate an issue; but please not take “shots” at each other. Thanks

  4. I really do hope you’re going to post my other 2 comments Jamie. Its freedom of speech after all you posted those un called for nasty comments of hers towards me so theres no reason why mine should not be posted.

  5. Julie Bilotta I was poking fun at the cheap smokes when I posted what I did. I was making fun of the people who do this kind of living. If you {MODERATED) you would have read through my lines. LOL LOL LOL LOL ROLF!!!!

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  7. @Jules when dont you have something negative to say ? You rant and rave about how much you hate this city but you care so much that you make sure to comment on it and repeadtly put it down. If you hate the city so much why do you care what goes on around here? And who cares what people do for a living? Is it your problem, do you know the circumstances? No, not that it would make any difference because you’re so ignorant its unreal. Id’ love to see your reaction if people posted things about you.

  8. Julie Bilota this is a free press and the last time I checked Canada was still free. So for your information {MODERATED}!

  9. Holy crap…..I’m actually agreeing with most of what Julie Bilotta said.

  10. Jamie I was looking for a full moon outside but nothing to be seen except for traffic and airlines coming down for a landing at the airport. Something must be awful strange in the air this evening.

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