Harry Valentine on Proposed Benson University in Cornwall Ontario – Letter to the Editor

Harry Valentine on Proposed Benson University in Cornwall Ontario – Letter to the Editor

LTE UWhile the eminent who’s who of Cornwall has taken up the baton in regard to developing a university at Cornwall, perhaps some questions may be asked about job prospects for future graduates. CJOH had a news crew on hand when Algonquin College had their graduation ceremonies . . . and most of the grads who were interviewed could not find jobs in the fields in which they had qualified. The University of Ontario (Oshawa . . . formerly Durham College) is now offering a Masters of Teaching degree . . . during a time of declining enrollments in the public school system.

Of the 10 most numerous job classifications in the USA, only nursing required a college or university degree. In the USA in 2012, the following numbers of college and university graduates held the following jobs
– 482,000 customer service reps
– 317,000 waiters and waitresses
– 141,000 receptionists
– 107,000 janitors (5,000 who held Phd level degrees)
–   85,000 lay-away clerks
–   80,000 bartenders
–   63,000 food prep workers
–   62,000 landscapers
–   59,000 construction workers
–   49,000 postal workers
–   37,000 hotel/motel desk clerks
–   18,000 parking lot attendants
Across Canada, for every 1-opening for a school teacher, there are up to 10-candidates.
While the pro-university report to Cornwall City Council mentioned that online (university) courses had a drop out rate of 89%, online courses offered by outside organizations (such as COURSERA) have a much lower dropout rate. Most online courses offered by traditional universities are of little relevance to some one seeking a job in today’s economy , so a high drop out rate would be a foregone conclusion. Candidates seeking an online education that could teach something relevant and applicable to today’s economy, may be far better off searching for relevant (and interesting) online courses offered by other organizations.
Harry Valentine – Cornwall Ontario

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