Harry Valentine on Proposed Benson University in Cornwall Ontario – Letter to the Editor

LTE UWhile the eminent who’s who of Cornwall has taken up the baton in regard to developing a university at Cornwall, perhaps some questions may be asked about job prospects for future graduates. CJOH had a news crew on hand when Algonquin College had their graduation ceremonies . . . and most of the grads who were interviewed could not find jobs in the fields in which they had qualified. The University of Ontario (Oshawa . . . formerly Durham College) is now offering a Masters of Teaching degree . . . during a time of declining enrollments in the public school system.

Of the 10 most numerous job classifications in the USA, only nursing required a college or university degree. In the USA in 2012, the following numbers of college and university graduates held the following jobs
– 482,000 customer service reps
– 317,000 waiters and waitresses
– 141,000 receptionists
– 107,000 janitors (5,000 who held Phd level degrees)
–   85,000 lay-away clerks
–   80,000 bartenders
–   63,000 food prep workers
–   62,000 landscapers
–   59,000 construction workers
–   49,000 postal workers
–   37,000 hotel/motel desk clerks
–   18,000 parking lot attendants
Across Canada, for every 1-opening for a school teacher, there are up to 10-candidates.
While the pro-university report to Cornwall City Council mentioned that online (university) courses had a drop out rate of 89%, online courses offered by outside organizations (such as COURSERA) have a much lower dropout rate. Most online courses offered by traditional universities are of little relevance to some one seeking a job in today’s economy , so a high drop out rate would be a foregone conclusion. Candidates seeking an online education that could teach something relevant and applicable to today’s economy, may be far better off searching for relevant (and interesting) online courses offered by other organizations.
Harry Valentine – Cornwall Ontario

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  1. What you all have read what Mr. Valentine posted is the absolute truth and there are no jobs at all and I don’t kid anyone. Eleven years ago a young man here in my building had 2 Masters of Engineering Degrees one in Electrical and one in Mechanical and no work. A girl that my daughter worked with a few years ago had a Masters Degree in Economics and again no work. Eleven years ago two other girls had their Bachelor’s Degree in IT and not work and both the girls in IT and the one with a degree in economics were doing the job that my daughter was doing and everyone wondered what they were doing there instead of having higher jobs. Well folks keep dreaming those pipe dreams as usual that make me laugh so much and the truth is that there is nothing out there. My daughter was giving it a great deal of thought of going back to college and after speaking with the heads at the colleges and going around seeing so many with degrees in business, etc. doing the work of cashier, etc. she gave up on any idea of going back to college. Yes there are janitors who have degrees as well as MacDonalds and Tim’s employees with degrees and no work. You go to Wal Mart here in Ottawa and the immigrants work very hard and Wal Mart prefers the strangers because they know that they are there to work and not fool like our Canadians and these are the words out of my husband’s mouth. Nursing is a mighty hard area of study and work and you have to be mighty intelligent and fit to do that kind of work. My hat and heart are with these people. We need doctors and very few can be that and my landlord (owner of my building is sending his children in to be doctors and lawyers) and all his family is high up and they work very hard. Benson University you might as well as to call it the University of the Three Stooges because nobody who is intelligent would touch such a facility. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  2. I have said it before to everyone of you. In order to have a job that you can survive on and that is to go into the trades of electrician, plumber, pipefitter, sodering, bricklayer, etc. etc. etc. All the young people will have absolutely no other choice but to leave Cornwall and go west for work. Ontario is gone as a have not province. Microsoft is letting go 18,000 positions in IT and most are overseas. The people overseas are doing most of those jobs including engineering, etc. and they are hard working people and highly intelligent and highly skilled and their education surpasses our own. These foreign people have discipline in the schools and discipline makes good workers. Stop dreaming in stupidity and get real or Cornwall will be gone for sure and much worse than what you see just now. What I know that is coming is mighty scary and it is something that people will have no choice but to expect and a much lower standard of living. What you know about just now or did know will soon be gone.

  3. Trades as an occupation is one way to go, but not the only one. Let’s be realistic. Part of the problem is that people are not retiring at the typical retirement age and staying in their jobs longer. This is causing a ripple down effect on everyone under them, right down to entry level people.

    As for the 18k Microsoft layoffs they are mainly all at the recently acquired Nokia cell phone maker. It’s to balance things out and to make Microsoft less “top-heavy.” 1,100 job cuts will come from Finland, and 1,800 from a Nokia factory in Hungary, not typical “overseas” jobs as Jules describes them. As for “dreaming in stupidity” we don’t. I laugh every time you make one of your doom and gloom predictions.

  4. Hugger some of the older workers are staying on the jobs but the vast majority have left. Many jobs will no longer exist and one is postal workers and even journalism and there are others as well. I am not laughing when it comes to economy and you will not laugh when you see it happen.

  5. Sorry Jules. Workers are staying in their jobs longer because they can’t afford to retire. One reason I stayed in my federal PS job was for the benefits. ?Yes, there will be a reduction in postal workers, but not a major shift. There will always be jobs for journalists. But their job is ever evolving.Doom and gloom? We’ll see.

  6. Yes we will see Hugger and you will see that I am right. We were just talking about this a while ago and my daughter thought that I was only making a joke about a university in Cornwall and said for what there is nothing there. In Moncton NB they have a good healh centre, insurance, etc. London Ontario a good health centre as well as insurance and for engineering and the same for Kitchener and Waterloo and other places way way way ahead of Cornwall. Nobody stays in Cornwall at all and everyone moves on.

  7. Hugger I have something here for you and everyone to read:


    A startling number of millennials are overqualified for their job

    The situation is not going to improve but worsen. Debts beyond imagination that they cannot pay back and no hope. I am not wrong at all and time will prove me right.

  8. @ Jules. Nobody stays in Cornwall? Last time I checked, the population was about 46,000 people.

  9. Furtz….we agree. If everyone is leaving as Jules says they are why is the population 46,000?

    Jules, your link doesn’t work. And comparing other cities with universities / colleges to Cornwall is foolish. Every town, city, etc is unique. They all have advantages and disadvantages. It’s like comparing apples to oranges.

  10. Hugger then if that link doesn’t seem to work you should be able to type in the title in your google and it will come up.

  11. About that population sign as you enter Cornwall it is all wrong and the real population is less than 40,000. If the people didn’t leave the real population would be no less than 75,000 to 100,000 but everyone left and would never return.

  12. And you have proof that the population is being reported wrong? And I don’t mean the usual “I know because I know” rhetoric. All the research I do reports Cornwall’s population at 46.000.

    There is no title to search for your supposed story.

  13. Hugger I would never depend on who does the demographics of Cornwall to be true when I have seen the population of Crnwall go down after all my years of living there. I was born, raised, went to school there and everyone that I knew left except for a very minor few. My daughter said the very same thing today that nobody stayed in Cornwall after high school and that everyone left Cornwall for other cities for college, university and work. It was like that in my day and in her day and it hasn’t changed a bit nor will it ever change. All the young people today have no other alternative but to leave town. The Vietnamese people who lived in Cornwall left. I met one very educated man who was Vietnamese and he is now in Ottawa. All the foreigners leave and are there for a very short time. It is an agreement made with the federal government.

  14. If it was just one site that listed Cornwall’s population at 46,000 I might agree with you. But there are numerous sites that list Cornwall’s population as 46,000. So….

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