Cornwall Ontario Falls to 173 in Money Sense Best Places To Live in Canada Results for 2014

BobKilger-BannerAd-480CORNWALL Ontario – Our city continues to slide in the Moneysense compilation of the best places to live in Canada.

From 92 in 2010 to 167 in 2012 , our fair city has dropped to 173 in 2014.   The rankings note our 9.9% unemployment rate, growth of only 2.8% from 2008-2013, an average household income of only $64,362.25, average property tax of $1,477.00.   Crime rates did drop 7.54%, but the severity and violent crime severity indexes were still quite high.    The report also noted low rates of health care workers per capita and those employed in Arts and Recreation.   STUDY LINK

In its size category Cornwall finished 115 out of 140 . Brockville finished 92 on the list and 145 overall.

For those wanting to know more about how MoneySense comes up with its numbers here’s a link to their Methodology.

What do you think Cornwall?  Can we reverse the downward trend for our amazing city?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. The only way Cornwall has a chance to pull up their boot straps is by voting in new mayor & getting rid of present council,if the do the same old thing next election,they can expect the same results

  2. I agree Mary Bray. But will Cornwall pull the trigger?

  3. I agree with Mary Bray all the way in what she said but there is one big problem that is holding Cornwall back and that has been for years and that is the clique – Cornwall’s mob. The clique has to get out of town before Cornwall can stand on its own feet. The clique is a huge problem for anyone who gets in as mayor and council. Yes the entire gang that is Bare Ass and his band of liars and corruption have to leave and not one should remain whatsoever. This is the absolute truth.

  4. Keeping Bad News Bobby and his 10 band of misfits should not be an option for this election. I personally would not vote for any of them again for allowing the scandals, corruption and waste in spending as I feel Cornwall deserves better and change has to happen but unfortunately the way I see it is four more years of Mr Kilger as Mayor. So sad.

  5. Mr. Samler you have been tapping into my exact fears. The problem is that the people of Cornwall do not learn at all and completely illiterate about what is really going on and afraid to change for the better. I personally could not live in such a place at all. The thing about Ottawa is that it is corrupted but it is too big to focus on whereas Cornwall is like a small village and you can see everything that is in front of your eyes. The people of Cornwall are to blame for electing these jerks back into office. I can’t stand Bare Ass and his gang of cut throats but I put the entire blame on the people themselves.

  6. I find it disgusting that Jules has called us illiterate. Change takes time and never happens overnight.

  7. I have said for a long time if the shoe fits. I have read much worse on the net about Cornwall and will not post it here but it is on the net. I have bookmarked it and laugh at every chance I get. The truth hurts Hugger but it is the truth and the entire country knows about it. If people were intelligent they don’t go and vote the same crap in every year and that is why it got to be where it is today including the clique. That is exactly the problem and I have been saying that for many long years and since I was a young child. Cornwall doesn’t realize what is really wrong with the town until they get the boot stompted on their necks. Many good people and I mean good people left Cornwall who were born and raised there and never to ever go back there again and that is the upmost truth that I can give all of you. People are leaving of all ages including seniors. I wish that people would wake up but it is going to take a real shock for people to wake up and think about making real changes.

  8. I agree to a point Jules. But please think before posting derogatory messages about the people living here in Cornwall. How would you like it if people called you illiterate for living in Ottawa?

  9. @Hugger,

    Thank you for your comment about our Cornwall residents.

    We have many, many good, kind, considerate, caring people living in our community. People in our community deserve respect as people do everywhere.

    Good people deserve decent and responsible leadership, at present that is non-existent in many ways.

    What we have is poor leadership. Perhaps you have heard of the saying “hurt me once, shame on you” “hurt me twice, shame on me”, thus, if we elect back into power people who have harmed our community in any manner, who have taken advantage of situations and people, have not paid attention to the voices calling for change, then, shame on us for condoning such negligent actions from people in places of power.

    The proof of this neglect is present in this community, heard by many and known by those who have had their lives altered forever by dishonest leadership.

    Many have felt the brunt of such actions or in many cases, lack of action!!

    It is apparent in the clique like attitudes and the behind the scenes agreements that don’t include the public voices.

    We have at our fingertips the action necessary to bring about change, a new Mayor, and a change in council, if we wish, but we are the only ones who can make change happen.

    There is no one to blame but ourselves if we vote back into power people who have already done us(this community) harm.

    Change is needed, change is wanted and change should come, but only we can take that step forward.

    The question is as stated, will we?

  10. Yes the people of Cornwall do deserve change and not just any change but good change. I want to stress that the change is also in each individual. You want a better life then you stop voting for the same people every year because people do make mistakes and they do become greedy, arrogant, corrupted and so on. Bare Ass just happens to be the very worst of the lot. In October if you go and vote these jerks back in again then it is your own fault and nobody else’s. You cannot put the full blame of Bare Ass when it would be you putting this jerk and his mob back in again. It is up to the people to come forward to be council, etc. Yes Cornwall does have some good people and I sure don’t deny that but they are asleep at the wheel so to say of not seeing what is going on and not doing anything to correct it. You all have two very good men in Cornwall running for mayor and that is Leslie O’Shaugnessey and Jamie Gilcig but Leslie has the best chance of defeating Bare Ass and if those two mighty good men would put their knowledge together to defeat Bare Ass that would be superb. It takes vision to make Cornwall a better place and not just for the rich and well connected but for everyone. If things do not change Cornwall will face the same fate as Detroit Michigan and now Flint Michigan is facing bankruptcy as well. You have a choice to make and now which is it – you want to be bankrupt then vote in Bare Ass – you want good change and a more honest governance then you vote in Leslie. You do everything you can to get rid of that clique – the mob team.

  11. I agree that if the good people of Cornwall do not bring about change by establishing a completely new leadership direction, then do not expect the community to reach its potential any time soon.

    We would all benefit from remembering the definition of insanity. If we did then the faces around the horseshoe would change. The squirrel cage would finally get a rest and we would take the first step in new and positive direction. Ask yourself what the current slate of “leadership”offers other than self indulgence.

  12. Hugger there are only two people on council just now who work for the people and those two are André Rivette and Gerry Samson. The rest of them should be taken out quickly. Mr. Samler is a good man to have on board. If Jamie doesn’t get in as mayor I would like to see him as a councellor and he would make a good one. Anybody who has put their feet here in Ottawa in the political field have gone bad. Hugger people cannot wait 60 or more years for Cornwall to change for the better and things have been dragging on for many years and nothing good has come along. Everything lies in the people and yes there are good people but there is also this bad crowd and the kind who follows the herd over the cliff. The mentality of Cornwall has to change for the better. Education is a key but also how one thinks. People need the skills to survive and what I see which is good for Cornwall are the trades and people with trades are rarely out of work.

  13. When welfare and unemployable persons are factored in, Cornwall’s average household income is below $40,000.

  14. Wow, agreed. But welfare and unemployable persons are not included. So…..

  15. There is something here that I want to bring up Hugger and that is that a lot of people are not employed in Cornwall but in Ottawa, Montreal and elsewhere and you cannot count Cornwall as a place where people are employed. Even here in Ottawa things are so bad that it seems to be the gangs with their drugs who are employed in the drug trade. All I hear are police, paramedics and fire going by.

  16. If people weren’t employed in Cornwall the unemployment rate would be a lot higher. I think Cornwall is more of a bedroom community now.

  17. Hugger some years ago when we had out house we had a very good friend who described Cornwall back then as a bedroom community. I think that this is what is planned for Cornwall from what I have been seeing through time unless things really swing around it will be this way.

  18. There is nothing wrong with being a bedroom community. Orleans is one and it does quite well.

    I heard a report today that Cornwall is in the top 3 of cities when companies are looking for locations for distribution centres.

  19. Pretty much all the towns in eastern Ontario (east of Kingston and south of Ottawa} have become bedroom or retirement communities. Sad to say, but just about all the decent paying manufacturing jobs are gone, and the few remaining ones are in jeopardy. There will be a decline in population as the old folks die off and younger folks move out west where the jobs are.

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