Should Pat Finucan, Bob Kilger & Andre Rivette Have to Step Down From the Police Board in Cornwall Ontario by Jamie Gilcig

finucanCORNWALL Ontario – Should all or some of the members of the Cornwall Ontario police board have to resign due to the upcoming Municipal elections?

Mayor Kilger sits on the board as a “Citizen Representative” and his campaign manager Pat Finucan is the chair.  Cornwall Councilor Andre Rivette is running for council again, and also sits on the board.


Mr. Finucan, who tried to earn the Liberal provincial nomination and failed also endorsed Mayor Kilger in videos during the last municipal election.  Both have deep ties to Queen’s Park.

Mr. Finucan has stated that he didn’t feel there was any issue that should warrant him stepping down.

Compounding the situation are police charges against this writer that the crown is refusing to drop in spite of a production order clearly showing that charges in the disclosure stating that alleged threatening phone calls made from my phone did not in fact occur at all.

And to most reasonable people if the calls did not occur as alleged then anything supposedly stated during them, never occurred.

The disclosure states that calls made from my number at a specific time and duration occurred; but the phone records clearly show that this did not occur.  There are in fact phone “spoofing” services that can mimic numbers.

Several law enforcement agencies, off the record, thought it quite bewildering that any charges of this sort would be laid without verifying that the calls occurred from my phone in this situation.

Crown Jennifer Burke was removed from my case, but the new crown still is refusing  to drop the charges in spite of the clear proof that I did not make the calls as alleged.

The irony of the situation is that I am living under legal conditions all this time while the party that made the allegations can publicly issue statements whereas I cannot even share what happened as it may identify them.

My life has been impacted now over half of one year since the February 10th charges that were immediately released to the the media via the police blotter.

Complicating this of course is that Mayor Kilger and I are both running for mayor.

Is this justice or simply dirty politics?

Should Pat Finucan, Bob Kilger, & Andre Rivette Step Down from the Police Board for the remainder of this term?

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  1. Nobody who is mayor or council should {MODERATED} have those charges dropped may take a miracle in Cornwall since the entire system is completely and totally corrupt to the core. Nobody needs to tell me about the Barney Fife PD in its reputation and I had my fill knowing from my neighbors as well as what Perry Dunlop and others went through. Now you are experiencing things for yourself. When the Barney Fife gets their teeth into somebody they don’t let go and that is what some of our neighbors were telling us about the mentality of Cornwall. Maybe we should all have criminal records so as to be all hung out to dry. Nothing makes sense at all. I could never ever live there ever again. Things are bad enough here in Ottawa with all the gangs and their shootings going on in my area. I don’t know what the Barney Fife PD would do if they had to deal with that – most likely run.

  2. How does the Father of crime lord Mickey Woods become the VP of the Cornwall Police Board? Does anyone screen these people? Who cares that his Grandfather was CSIS. It’s time for Cornwall to “DRAIN THE SWAMP!”.

  3. I have someone on board with me about draining the swam by the name of Beavis. I would also drain Cornwall’s mighty corrupted cop force and bring in people from elsewhere. I would also start a procedure of amalgamation of the towns that surround and have it attached to Ottawa – that would shock the hell out of everyone’s pocket. LOL LOL. High taxes and everything shocking that would awaken.

  4. The first thing that I would do as well is to get rid of the clique by whatever means. I would make sure that they would never ever set foot back in Cornwall and gone for good wherever that would be. Maybe they would be planted in Boot Hill Cornwall and never seen ever again.

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