Over 10MM of Rain & Possible Thundershowers Predicted For Cornwall Ontario This Weekend! July 25, 2014

clock tower lo 2014CORNWALL Ontario –  Ten to fifteen millimeters of rain are predicted for Cornwall Ontario this weekend with possible Thundershowers on Saturday and Sunday!  A possibility of Hail for Sunday.

Temperatures will hover between 20-25 for both days.

Sounds like a good weekend to catch up on reading and watching Netflix!



  1. Ten to fifteen millimeters of rain? Should we be heading for higher ground?

  2. LOL LOL. Furtz I am on higher ground. LOL LOL. ROLF! Oh well it will be good for my mint outside. This evening I cut the mint down to size and I am drying it out so as to squash it and put it in the bag for salads and omelettes.

  3. 10mm of rain is about a cm worth or less than half an inch.

  4. Author

    Hugger the Weather Network has a similar prediction.

  5. The XFLIES haters tried to say you predicted bad weather to scare people away from PIG_FEST LOL
    Larry David made a whole Curb your enthusiasm show on such a nutty theory
    the flies…they will say anything against you the FOOLS

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