Did You Miss Out in Over 200,000 Visits of Exposure in July? CFN By the Numbers LIHOU Report!

cfn numbers to Aug 1 2014
CFN numbers for 2014 to August 1, 2014

CORNWALL Ontario – It’s time for our July 2014 Lihou Report; named after Seaway News Editor Todd Lihou, who raved about their numbers without really giving any numbers.    His narrative inspired this new name change in our numbers reporting as CFN has always tried to be upfront about the support we get from you; our amazing viewers!

We set a single month record again for Unique Visitors in the month of July!

  65,634 clicked through CFN in June for a total of 210,884 or 3.23 visits per visitor.

That’s a lot of traffic for this region.    Can you imagine your business, service, or organization having that kind of exposure?  Could you imagine the impact for events and our local economy if the conspiratorial boycott led by Mayor Kilger and City Hall didn’t exist?

A note about the boycott.  

It’s extensive.   For example since December 2011 we have not had any ads from the Federal Government; the Ontario Provincial Government or any affiliated agencies; the United Counties of SD&G or the City of Cornwall.   Those are public monies that should be focused on serving the public purse using best practices.

Can you imagine paying much more for advertising in lesser viewed media?  Does that make any sense?   Some of the largest advertisers in the region boycott CFN; some simply in fear of reprisals.   The City itself spent over $260,000 in advertising in 2013.  Could that be why certain other local media turn a blind eye or worse when it comes to some of the scandals at City Hall like tonight’s in camera meeting or what happened with the Chem Tanks on our waterfront?

The cost to the community is immense.   Lost jobs; lost investment and any business; especially a tech/media one like ourselves certainly considers this behavior before making decisions to enter this market.  Recently Corus Radio abandoned its news room with a loss to Cornwall of another three jobs.

While CFN is hanging on thanks to our amazing subscribers and advertisers we’ve had to ad Google ads where we clearly made a choice to not do that so that all of our traffic was focused on local merchants and advertisers.

Is it any wonder why we fare so poorly in Entrepreneurial polls such as the CFIB’s Communities in Boom?

Looking at Alexa today you will see:

CFN: Cdn ranking 5,080 DPV 2.1  TOS 3.31    DPV is Daily Page Views per Visitor.  TOS is Time on Site per visitor

SF:  Cdn ranking  8,268  DPV 1.90    TOS  3:12  (SUN MEDIA)

Seaway News: Cdn ranking 21,782  DPV 1.30 TOS 1:38  (TC MEDIA)

We no longer compare to the seeker as they clearly are playing funny beggars with their numbers.

Julio Lucio clearly missed the lesson about if you have to cheat to win you’ve already lost the game.

We all have to be careful of claims we  make.  For example when we claim our new record for Unique Visitors we would be forced to back that up if ever taken to court.

It’s why some media don’t give out numbers.  They use terms, as Mr. Lihou did, without giving numbers.   It’s a bit tawdry and misleading which is why we publish real verifiable numbers.

Top 30 City Visits From

(via Google Analytics – all cities in Ontario unless otherwise noted)

1) Cornwall 39.25%  Bounce 2.11%  Pages per session 4.16  Avg time per session 2.16 minutes

2) Ottawa 10.04%

3) Montreal QC 9.66%

4) Toronto

5) Kingston

6) Gatineau QC

7) Calgary AB

8.) Brockville

9)  Mississauga

10) Vancouver BC

11) Alexandria

12) New York, NY

13) Hamilton

14) Morrisburg

15) Peterborough

16)  London

17) Windsor

18) Guelph

19) Washington DC

20) Edmonton AB

21) Prescott

22) Arnprior

23) Barrie

24) Brampton

25) Greater Sudbury

Bounce Rate


Pages per Session


Average Session Duration

1.45 minutes

29.46% of our viewers do so via their mobile units

14.15% do so from their tablets

32.41% of mobile users are on their iPhones

26.96 are on their iPads

A large chunk of viewers end up on CFN when searching for key words or phrases Cornwall Freeholder or Cornwall Daily.

july ga sessions

We had some interesting variances in our numbers for July as we had an influx of younger new viewers.

In July a whopping 62% of audience was female!

The Five Stories you Clicked on the Most 

1) OPP Officers Charged for Breach of Trust in Alexandria Ontario

2) Harley Davidson Crash Closes Highway 401

3) Will the Leafs Be on the Hunt for Connor McDavid

4) Canada Wide Warrant

5) Habs Report Card So Far in the Off Season

atw only

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