Will 2015 Canadian Election Go to Pot? Will Marc Emery Return to Canada Have an Impact? by Jamie Gilcig

emeryCFN – With Marc Emery about to return to Canada in time for the 2015 election it will be interesting to see if the Marijuana lobby will have much sway.

Emery should never have been sent to the US, friendly neighbor or not, and his incarceration had an industrial impact on the marijuana industry in Canada.

The US for all their anti-drug rhetoric has opened the gates with Colorado wide open and seeing an influx in Weed Tourism and trade, as is Washington State.

Many other US states are seeing the gates opening to either medical marijuana or decriminalization.

Here in Canada the Harper Government is playing games with medical marijuana laws causing distress to many legitimate users.

This writer’s question is how powerful is the marijuana lobby in Canada?  It clearly did not come through for Mr. Emery who languished for most of his five year plea deal term in US prisons and he did not get to finish his term in Canada.

Dr. Rob Kammermans is still going through his witch hunt in Ontario for his role in helping people attain Medical Marijuana prescriptions.

Mr. Trudeau’s people have refused to grant me any interviews with JT since that question btw.

Mr. Trudeau and the Liberal’s have stated they wish to legalize pot; but hard details are not terribly clear.    Now rumbles are that Jodie Emery, Marc’s wife, wishes to be a Liberal candidate and that the couple will be doing cross country tours to promote the Liberals in the next election and get pot heads to vote red.

The Liberals have not embraced Ms Emery nor have they made any official statements regarding Mr. Emery’s release from US prison.

Marijuana is at a cross road.   As more and more US states legalize more pressure will be on Canadian governments to follow suit.

Will controls really work?  Will legal marijuana ever be able to compete with street product?   Will users ever be able to legally grow their own crop?   How will the legal system deal with legal marijuana as it use certainly does impact users while at work or driving.

Will the weed issue be a plus or minus for both Mr. Harper and Mr. Trudeau in the next election?


Will the Legalization of Marijuana in Canada Help or Hurt Justin Trudeau in the Next Election?

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