NYS AMBER ALERT Child Abduction Fanny & Delila Miller NORTHERN NYS & ONTARIO Aug 15, 2014 FOUND!

amber alert Aug 15 2014CFN – Two Amish girls from the town of Oswegatchie NY were abducted from their family roadside stand.    They were wearing dark blue dresses and aprons with black bonnets.

The girls, aged  12 and 7  , were last seen near a white car.   Please call 1 866 697 2623 toll free if you have any information related to this abduction or the girls.

Both speak Pennsylvania Dutch; but the older does speak English. Because of Amish customs there are no actual pictures of the girls available.

UPDATE   5:20 AM


The girls were taken to a home and fled.   They were taken to Claxton Hepburn hospital in Ogdensburg NY.  Police are still searching for the two men that abducted them.

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