Local Media Cheapen ALS Challenge in Cornwall Ontario by Playing Petty Politics – Aug 25, 2014

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CORNWALL Ontario Imagine using ALS as a cause to play petty small town politics?   That’s exactly what some media outlets did in Cornwall Ontario today.

Many across social media are using the ALS challenge for the right reasons of raising awareness; but many are also using it to self promote.

We at CFN are not big at self promotion as it can be considered kind of tacky.

The Seaway News made a point of it being for “Print Media” but our print edition of South Stormont News has been delivered in Cornwall since its first edition and of course CFN is the largest media outlet in the city.  Also left out was Le Journal who are a Cornwall Print Media.   Perhaps Mr. Lihou’s headline should have been:  Petty Media Who Leave Others Out do ALS Challenge?

Hugo Rodrigues, president of the CAJ participated in this as well.

Our print media friends in Cornwall joined us for the ALS ice bucket challenge. We’ve nominated TV Cogeco and our colleagues at Corus in Cornwall. You have 24 hours, folks. The participants in this video made personal donations to the ALS Society of Canada.

It would be interesting to see what kind of cheques these folks cough up, no?  Hopefully this classless and petty act raises some real dosh for ALS.



  1. Does it surprise anyone that CFN was not invited / challenged?


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  3. It doesn’t surprise me in the least because Bare Ass puts controls on the town or should I say the gun to people’s heads. Enough of this nonsense because it is a dictatorship run by Bare Ass. The only way out is to toss Bare Ass “Boss Hogg” out on his keester by any means possible.

  4. Jamie is it really self-promotion or something to the affect of monkey see, monkey do?

    Has everyone really become that unoriginal that we have to copy one another actions millions of times? What about the other diseases affecting mankind? Do they warrant something similar that draws people’s attention to them?

    A friend of mine posted a picture link that compares the notion of this water usage to draw people’s attention to ALS. It consisted of comparing America’s use of water with that of Africa’s. In the American portion’s cutoff you see a group of people pouring large amounts of ice water on their heads and in the African one you see someone pouring capfuls of water into a child’s mouth.

    Make the donation if you will but save the water.

  5. Author

    Cory to me what happened today in Cornwall simply confirms that we have to change the culture of this city. IF the goal was to help the noble cause then we all should pull together. This utter pettiness is unproductive and to see Hugo Rodrigues, who is new to our city and president of the Canadian Association of Journalists, play a role in it is utterly embarrassing for our city, and the profession of journalism.

  6. I don’t see the reason for pouring a bucket of water on people’s heads. I did see Laura Bush pour water on “Curious George”, George W. Bush which was hilarious to see. Collecting money for this dreadful disease is more than enough than to go and do crazy monkey business.

  7. Today as a caring social activist living in our city I took the ice bucket challenge as it was given to me by my niece from Nova Scotia. I am never one to back down from a challenge for a good cause and it was a great refreshing way to cool down on a hot day Right after dowsing myself I wrote out a cheque to show I support this cause for ALS awareness.This is a very nasty disease and very horrible way to end your life. Miracles do happen and if pouring ice water over my head helps to end this disease then I am so proud to do something this silly.

  8. Jamie I remember posting so many times saying just like you were saying but I said “the mentality of the city” whereas you posted “the culture of the city” and my meaning is about the same. Yes Cornwall has to change its ways and that means every single person in Cornwall.

    Since Jamie has gone to Cornwall he has been telling all of you the truth instead of hiding things from you. Instead you all have all turned your backs on Jamie except for a few people who support him. If you follow Bare Ass and his gang of thieves and liars then you will follow over the cliff. Cornwall has to change in many ways and you cannot continue to live the way you have been living. What is going on down there is like living in the 18th century.

  9. I may get flak for this, but….

    The ALS ice bucket challenge has become a monkry see, monkey do. It’s like a buzz word, use it before it becomes passé. I think in a few weeks it will be a thing not to do.

  10. Leave it to the Seaway Blues to nominate themselves so they could self promote. Hey, thanks for not posting the real pic. I’m glad I don’t have to witness Shaver’s enormous man jugs!

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