Convicted Fraudster Neil Shah Denied Day Parole by Jamie Gilcig – Sept 1, 2014

neil shahCORNWALL Ontario – Convicted Fraudster Neil Shah was denied day parole recently.    Mr. Shah is the son of Cornwall Doctor, Nat Shah, who has won Cornwall Citizen of the Year honours.

What’s particularly heinous about Neil Shah is that most of his frauds were committed after he was first arrested.

Shah was sentenced to 5 and 1/2 years; but had already served 11 months.

An Ottawa Sun story cites:  LINK

Shah might have remained free on bail but Dorval noted the majority of his frauds took place after he’d been arrested and released on conditions.

“There is very little that is mitigating in this case,” Dorval said.

Shah — an educated man from an honourable family — was remarkably industrious.

One victim, who worked for Shah, described a very expensive lifestyle including the use of high end prostitutes and the purchasing of expensive hockey memorabilia.

Mr. Shah who was convicted of over $2,000,000 in fraud; has had the proceeds of a home given to his victims and they still are waiting for possible proceeds from the liquidation of the sports memorabilia.  Mr. Shah allegedly had applied for day parole where he was to work at part time jobs including his father’s medical practice and a Mercedes auto dealership.

One of his victims, a Cornwall family, lost their retirement savings and ended up losing their home.   They had trusted Neil Shah because his father, Dr. Nat Shah, was their own physician.

If you were one of his sixteen known victims and wish to be interviewed for our follow up story please email or call 855 444 1133



  1. LOL LOL. ROLF! Lately I have been thinking about our “wise old owl” in prison in San Francisco Willie the wise one. Not long after that this Shaw fellow came to mind and BINGO I found the write up here. If you trust someone because they come from a certain family then you are the guilty one and need desperate help. We went through this with project truth with cops, social workers, doctors, lawyers,priests, etc. involved past their heads in this pedophilia and the stupid idiots want to believe someone who comes from a certain family. People in Cornwall you need to get a life. I remember when this idiot came to Ottawa and was practicing law without a licence and he got caught. There is something mighty wrong with this man and with so many other people. A mighty big mental institution is badly needed for all the people who have trust in anybody.

  2. True, it’s best not to make assumptions about someone based on their family or, for that matter, to make assumptions about that family.

    Speaking only for myself, I’d be a bit cautious toward a family that welcomed Willie Wise to their daughter’s wedding/celebration.

  3. Editor,

    Not to often, I would agree with anything the National Parole Board does ! But in this case , they did their due diligence in this case. He severely hurt many people, this “hurt” was just as harmful, as if he had physically injured his victims. He stole, life long earnings from hard working people. I truly feel bad for his Mom & Dad, who are lovely people, but their son, ruined several honest, law-abiding citizens ? The Parole Board was bang-on, actually they could of added 5 more years for all I could care !
    Great story Freenews !

  4. Dr. Shaw’s son reminds me of the man on MASH who came into the series playing the role of a doctor, a lawyer and then in the end a priest. He told Hawkeye that he could do all of them. LOL LOL. ROLF! He was told to go and get his education and licence to practice what he wanted. You talk about me laughing my head off at this end. That old General Hospital is badly needed for the many fraudsters and the many sheeple who follow those crack pots over the hill. Now the latest one is that HOLY GILLES LATOUR. What is next on the list. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  5. Day Parole after just 11 months? Justice would have been denied if that happened,considering the two million $$ Fraud conviction.

    When you do the crime you most certainly should do the time.

  6. I am deeply saddened by events that surround Neil Shah. Dr Nat Shah was a remarkable physician . . . he was my mother’s physician during her final years. I recall a disabled senior whose family transferred her to a nursing home in Cornwall where Dr Shah became her attending physician . . . he changed her medication and the old lady seemed to lose her disability regained her ability to walk . . . she had a stroller to help her keep her balance and she walked at one hell of a speed, zooming around the nursing home.

    Several years ago, I accepted an invitation from a member of the Sikh community to attend some of their services . . . the cleric welcomed visitors from other faiths. The message of one service focused on the need to be humble instead of boastful, a message shared by many faiths. It is sad that Neil strayed from this teaching.

    At another service, the cleric focused on prayer . . . . admonishing followers to only ask for spiritual gifts of courage, inner strength and ability . . . a teaching shared by many other faiths. Some devotees distributed a 3.5″ x 5″ card with an inscription, “I want the courage and inner strength to persevere through challenge of change and adversity” . . . and were told to keep it in our peripheral vision throughout the day.

    While I grew up in the Catholic faith, I have attended services conducted by clerics of other faiths that include Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Jewish and Buddhist faiths. The Jewish Rabbi’s sermon focused on, “Build your life as if your life were a masterpiece”.

    So sad that Neil has strayed from his the faith of his forefathers. While I am aware of the existence of radical and intolerant factions in all faiths, not even the radical faction of the Sikh faith sanctions the behaviour that got Neil into conflict with the authorities.

  7. I find this story disturban.

  8. Well Jules who ever you are you are one gruel and cold person. How dare you post things that you have no clue of what the hole story is about.Keep your gruel comments to yourself.

  9. What I wanted to write is the word cruel.

  10. Just disturban indeed. LOL LOL. ROLF!

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  12. All of these rich people cannot get enough. The clique and this doctor’s son, Willie the wise old owl and many others just keep on doing fraud and it is the little people who really pay the price. Rich people are mighty greedy and hide behind their fat pocket books trying to get off. That old CGH in Cornhole can be transferred into a nut house which is badly needed.

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