Language Activist & Nurse Chris Cameron To Run for Council in South Stormont

cameron family

 (Debbie & Chris Cameron with sons Brody & Caelan)

CFN – Local activist Christopher Cameron has taken the plunge and will be running for Council in South Stormont Ontario.

Mr. Cameron was raised in South Stormont, and his family goes back for over 230 years, and were United Empire Loyalist descendants.

He is a Registered Nurse graduating  from St. Lawrence College in 1995 and works at the Ottawa Civic Hospital in Hemodialysis, and is interested in politics, gardening, golfing, and camping.

He was approached by the Deputy Mayor, Tammy Hart,  to be part of what was termed a “Slate” but rejected her plan and eventually decided to still enter the race for 2014.

We interviewed him at his home on Friday. 


Mr. Cameron cited the dysfunction of the council related to the Deputy Mayor as one of the reasons for his entering the race as he would like to see a better functioning council; that there has been much disruption & tension due to the flagrant actions of Ms Hart that resulted in her being fined four weeks salary by Integrity Commissioner Robert Swayze.

He is most known as an activist against the bilingual hiring practices of the local Cornwall Community Hospital and area agencies.

 He also worked ardently to support the bylaw passed in South Stormont allowing for any language to be used on signs.

Presenting over 2,800 signatures to MPP Jim McDonell


  1. Congratulations Chris,so happy to have you running,Council needs team players such as you

  2. Chris a mighty big congratulations from me and this is the best news that I fell on. All the very best to you and will send my prayers to you and to the family. Take care. You have one hell of a job as a nurse and I will send you plenty of the best of luck. Take care.

  3. If elected, I think he would make a very worthy member of council.

  4. If Chris wins a seat on council, will the now dormant language war be reignited?

  5. Chris I hope you’re elected. All the best to everyone. Will see you at Christmas, brother.

  6. Oh dang! Will Howard Galganov be lending his support?

  7. Chris Cameron I am one who supports bilingualism but one thing is true is that you are a good man and you stick to what you believe in and that is what is good and not someone who jumps from one end to the other. I wish you all the best and hope that you do win because you will be a good contribution and not just on language issue but on everything. Take care and best of luck.

  8. Chris,

    Am very happy to hear your wonderful news, congratulations! Am sure You will make a huge, positive impact.

    Your dedication, strength, knowledge and passion will be welcomed, on board. Thank you, for your never ending efforts on all of our behalf.


    Colleen McIntosh

  9. Furtz, the language war as you call it, has been around long before and will be long after all of us.

    Chris seems to be more than a one issue person, but I seem to remember fairness being his concern.

  10. Best of luck Chris Cameron!

    Continue on with your good work and passion fighting for the rights of others. It is never an easy road/journey.

    Council will benefit greatly with you on board.

  11. I do wish Chris well in his run for Council in SS. It takes a certain amount of moxie and dedication to commit to four years of usually thankless work. My only advice would be to become familiar with The Ontario Municipal Act re resolutions that would tie the hands of future councils.

  12. Annette Bourdeau(Jim Brownell’s cousin) said,
    “His name is Christ! (check out the names in brackets LOL)??? Isn’t that the height of arrogance? So, the modern term for a bigot with his head up his butt is “language activist”? Political correctness once again serves the inadequate brain.”

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